1. An El Dorado Mine & Ghost Town Engagement Shoot Bountiful With Love

    When you hear desert, does dry, barren hot blazing sun come to mind? If so, while you are certainly correct on most occasions, it also serves as one amazing location for a photo shoot! Nicole Sibulo & Neal Gregorio teamed up with Moxie Studio for their recent engagement photos which took place at El Dorado Mine and Ghost Town in Nevada. Our lovely bride, Nicole, too it upon herself to research various photographer's work to get a clear vision of what she wanted, working it all into one session. Nicole's feel for the overall shoot was a very sweet, vintage look, kissed by sun! You're going to go nuts over the gorgeous imagery below!

  2. An Untapped World of Awesome….Adult Popsicles!!!!

    Thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest I have come across something completely yummy & super exciting, at least in my eyes... Adult Popsicles!!! Adult you say?! How so? Well its all the wonderful yumminess of homemade popsicles, created with fresh fruit, juices, you name it..... combined with frosty beverages!! Yes thats right, spirit filed frozen fabulousness!

  3. A Technicolor Stunner Complete With Food Trucks, Rainbows & Superheros!

    I have a special Monday morning treat for everyone! This gorgeous wedding is light, bright & chalk full of stunning colors to wake up your senses! Larissa Carter & Tony Smith put on one lovely affair out at the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Larissa & Tony achieved a feat not always easy to meet, creating a down home slightly rustic wedding complete with mason jar escort cards, seed box planters, & an outdoor reception with perfectly styled lanterns all the while keeping it classic & elegant. While those components are wonderful, its the In & Out Burger & CoolHaus food trucks that take this wedding to a whole new level, never mind the stunning sunset....rainbow! Oh & just a heads up, the groom & his men have a bit of a surprise for our bride! I love it!

  4. I Love A Good Mess- Textured Hair Styles

    Its true, I totally do. Whenever someone is able to pull off a look, be it simply clothing based, hair, make-up you name it, with that freshly disheveled looked, I am in awe & a wee bit jealous. I always feel I just look....well... messy. I have a good girlfriend who I swear to God has the most amazing I just got rocked in bed hair & she doesnt even do it on purpose and its AMAZING! Sigh... waxing poetic here... Anywho, one of the key elements of a good mess, at least as fair as hair goes, is texture. I LOVE texture in hair. Typically texture in hair is achieved by some kind of curl, wave, kink, you name it and a bit of mussing about with the hair. Maybe a dab of product on your fingers as they rustle through your hair, or a good ol'fashion hair tease, either way, this well formed hair torture leads to some overall amazing looks.