1. Fresh Take on Fall’s Oranges & Grays

    Orange is an amazing color that I have really come to embrace over the last few years. I also find it to be an amazing wedding color and totally perfect for fall! There are ways to use orange without it screaming fall foliage. Gray is a fantastic color that really pairs well with everything from pale pastel colors, to bright vibrant strong colors such as orange. I've put together a small collection of wedding details that really allow Orange & Gray to shine!

  2. Spotlight Designer: Leanne Marshall’s Marlowe Wedding Dress

    • Spotlight Designer: Leanne Marshall's Marlowe Wedding Dress

    I am a huge fan of independent wedding dress designers. You know, the stand alone guys that are apart from the wedding dress design power houses. Dont get me wrong, there is most defiantly a great need for the wedding dress power houses , but its the independent designers that can really bring the heat! Not being restricted by various restrictions that come along with mass producing wedding gowns, price points, & and anything else one can imagine, the independents bring pure creativity to light. Another advantage to wearing a dress from a smaller wedding dress designer is its quite possible you may choose a one of a kind, or at least a style that there wont be many other brides that will be wearing your same dress.

  3. Free People’s DIY Light Bulb Vases

    Today I stumbled upon something that really struck me as adorable and a fantastic use for old light bulbs! Gotta love great recycling/upcycling ideas! Free People has a great step by step tutorial on making lovely little hanging light bulb vases. I think these would be fantastic for both outdoor as well as indoors! Could you imagine an ambitious bride making hundreds of these beauties to hang over her dance floor! Such a fabulous idea!

  4. I Love Lace Cakes!

    Going through endless amounts of wedding imagery overload, I have come to realize there is one technique in wedding cake decoration that I simply can not get enough of!! LACE! Be it fondant that has been imprinted with lace, to hand cut lace fondant, or simply hand drawn lace, I am in love. There is something about this technique that quietly screams elegance & class.