1. Nature’s Influences In This Fall Prospect Park Picnic House Brooklyn Wedding

    A smile you can hear... some people just have it. My sister in law is certainly one of those people, though after 4 years of knowing Christina Wisboro, I naturally also associate the genuine laughter that comes with it when I view photos of her in full force smile. Christina & Hill Hardy met one another just a short bit after the hubs & I reunited. It was an interesting relationship to watch develop & grow as I didn't need to know Hill's prior preferences in a gal to know how he was smitten as all hell when it came to Christina. Thick as thieves my hubs says, and that simply could not be more dead on! When the time came to ask for Christina's hand, Hill proposed in a very Hill way. {Read about that here} They asked if I would be their wedding planner & I politely declined in the desire to purely being a family member on that day & wanting to take the day in as such. I offered my aid & input as needed along the way of course, as well as designing some of the lovely decor elements for them: wood crate slate signage leading guests along the Prospect Park pathways and wood burned birch wood table numbers in beds of moss. For the card/gift area, we thought a picnic basket was perfection considering the venue was the Picnic House! The basket was laid on a large bed of moss surrounded by birch wood and candles, sprinkled with cream rose petals, much as the tables were as well. These elements combined with the super tall twiggy centerpieces, paper lanterns which gently swayed from the sky & a very gorgeous twiggy wedding arch, all played handily into what started off as a simple Save The Date which included initials carved into a tree, which blossomed into a wedding theme: Fall In The Park.

  2. Modern Elegant Upper East Side Manhattan Wedding At The Harold Pratt House With 1920s Influences

    When I visualize a Manhattan wedding, there are only a few small variations that come to mind. My default dream Manhattan wedding is sleek, modern, upscale, elegant, classic with a bit of art deco nod. Ashley Rupeka & Patrick Mokros's wedding is a beautiful package of exactly that. Even more special is that fact that Ashley & Patrick are two very good friends of mine, and yes I had to good fortune to attend this gorgeous affair. Small bit of back story first... I have known Patrick {& his lovely sister Molly} since 2001, watching the both of them blossom into this life. It goes without saying, having known someone for such a period of time, I have seen Patrick in & out of a few relationships over this time period, none that I was particularly a fan of. I note this only because of a fun fact {dont worry not trying to get Patrick in any hot water!} In 2009 a mutual good friend of ours got married. As his guest for this wedding, Patrick brought along and I quote 'A good friend from home' I can't exactly explain why, but I thought to myself, yeah ah ha..... As I came to find out, Ashley & Patrick were actually high school sweethearts & as I watched them interact that night, I knew something was very different. I liked Ashley right off the bat and really liked the way that Patrick just seemed to 'hum' around her. He didn't know it yet, but I did. I actually told him so that night. "You're going to marry this girl some day" I told him. He smiled at me in his cheshire way, explaining to me that it was strictly platonic & that he just needed a date for the wedding. Riiiiiiight :)

  3. Combining Thank You’s & Holiday Cards {Part 2}

    Last year I touched on an issue that, as it turned out, there were some strong opinions on. Let me give you a quick recap, a la TV show 30 sec bring you up to speed montage. Our wedding was at the very end of August, after dealing with post wedding things, honeymoon, etc, we started to slide into the Holiday Season. My work, at the time, becomes extremely demanding, to put it mildly, around the holidays, so hand writing a billion Thank You's was not really an option, at least not if we wanted to be timely. There in laid our paradox.... Be tardy and send the Thank You Cards after the holidays, OR Combine our Christmas Cards WITH our Thank You Cards.

  4. Asbury Park Sets The Tone For This Playful Summer Time Engagement Session At The Jersey Shore

    If you dont think a color can be the basis of a theme for an engagement session you clearly have not met Adrienne Duda! One of the perks I enjoy most with having Storyboard is that I get the opportunity to feature my friends & family as life takes them down this road! This summer shore time engagement session is just that case! Adrienne Duda & Paul Kalinauskas are two very good friends of mine & I am more proud to say that I connected them with their photographer, the amazing Cengiz of Adagion Studio!