1. Love Is In The Air Justin Alexander Wedding Dress Giveaway

    Ladies get your bouquet catching hands ready because coveted wedding dress designer Justin Alexander is throwing the mother of all bouquet tosses! To kick off the 2015 wedding season, the generous wedding dress designer has decided to champion love for all, giving one extra special bride a wedding dress of her choice from their 2015 Spring Collection. Imagine body hugging silhouettes, layers of embroidered lace, silky soft charmeuse, or fluffy tulle all to your heart’s content which could all be yours, gifted to you by Justin Alexander! A wedding dress giveaway is no small treat, giving you the opportunity to embrace the inner bride of your dreams in true material form! Two of my personal favorites from the most recent collection embody what it is to be both dreamingly romantic and wonderfully regal to perfection in styles 8751 & 8765.

  2. The 2 Step Secret To Your Most Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

    It finally happens. The moment is here. He drops to one knee and a breathless yes tumbles from your lips. If you are anything like me, immediately following the moment, you wore a full on smile to the point of your cheeks aching with glee! The adventure beings in so many ways with one simple question. As you’re swept into a world of all things bridal it’s easy to get caught up in all the madness that is wedding planning, sometimes forgetting the smaller details. One detail however, is major and never leaves you, so make sure the element that will lead you through it all, is well prepared… your smile!

  3. A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

    I've got a bone to pick you guys. Truth be told, its more of an 'oh come on you can do something more interesting then that' bone! Naturally I see my fair share of wedding invitations & accompanying that, how they are presented as a whole package. I think that a lot of couples don't really see a high level of importance when it comes to the invitation phase of their planning and as such tend to take a more 'just get them in the mail' mentality. While thats all well and good, it goes completely against something I truly believe in which is that your invitations set the tone for what your wedding will be like, as well as relate directly to how the day will look. This might be a task that is easier said then done when you feel you arent even fully what that day will look like, but there are elements that can help no matter what direction you end up taking.