1. Vintage Chic Bridal Fashion In The Secret Garden Like French Countryside

    There is something so hauntingly delicious about today's dreamy vintage chic bridal fashion styled shoot from Paris wedding photographer WeddingLight Photography. Nestled into the French countryside at a private residence, the vision consist of two brides donning perfectly vintage wedding dresses from Max Chaoul as the heartbeat of it all. The shoot features to gowns, Daisy, which is a 1920’s inspired look in a fluid low waisted satin design which features a gorgeous embroidered lace top and Lana which is a 1940’s inspired wedding dress with an empire waist paired with romantic crochet long sleeves. Leveling up the vintage chic bridal fashion looks are unique bridal accessories & veils from Rhapsodie Paris. The hair and makeup team of Melody Kennedy and Lucie Letz, articulated the gorgeous veils & headpieces into elements that took on live's of their own, that when paired into their surroundings become chic haunting at its finest. The beauty to this vintage chic bridal fashion shoot is how wonderfully unapologetic it is about being straight out of a time long ago. Appealing to a select style of bride, if you're looking for vintage bridal fashion...

  2. A Modern Chic Bride With A Pension For Vintage Touches

    Perhaps my favorite wedding trend that is, I am predicting, going to catch fire this year, is the mashing up of styles. I have always been one to believe just because you favor one style, one theme etc, it doesn't meant that every single little detail needs to mirror simply and only that. Case in point is this lovely little bridal session from Texas wedding photographer Al Gawlik Photography, in which a stunning modern, wonderfully chic bride is seamlessly complimented by a world of vintage details. In the past brides have felt the need to style themselves to match their environments. The beauty here is in the mix and just how wonderfully the jive & inspire. Lushly blown out locks paired with a ruched bodice wedding dress give a fresh modern feel while elements like a classic chair & wine crates craft a unique juxtaposition of feels making our more current day looking bride truly pop. Think of it as the floral print to your stripes if you will. In conversation you might not think they go, but when you start pulling the prints together, you'd be truly delighted at just how harmonious of a world that they can create!

  3. Black Friday Wedding Treat – Black Wedding Dress In Lace Inspiration

    Black Friday is a biggie for all of us, historically here at Storyboard, we flip Black Friday around and turn it into a celebration of weddings that embrace the color black. Those that highlight black wedding dresses are especially close to our heart, like this artful take on the wedding LBD! Wanting to break free from the conventional notion that is bridal fashion, the team put together a simple yet gorgeous look that features a knee length black wedding dress which is highlighted by romantic sheer lace top complete with 3/4 length sleeves. Turning the volume up on black wedding dress bridal fashion, the team added in a loosely structured black tulle bandeau style birdcage veil resulting in a uniquely cool halo effect. As if a fashion forward approach wasnt enough to making a statement when it comes to black wedding dress style, our captivating bride is paired with the best of partners, a stunning a black stallion! One who certainly understands the value of pretty things in black, the black stallion is a natural piece to the black wedding dress puzzle, showing strength & beauty in one flawless package.

  4. Gorgeous Wedding Hair Trickery – The Faux Bob Tutorial

    You've got gorgeous long lush hair but wearing it all down isn't in the cards. Whipping it up into a full on updo isn't really your thing either, so where do you go from there? A haircut is out of the question as your not looking for that kind of permanent decision, so now what? Ladies I present to you one of my ultimate favorite answers to the age old question, what do I do with my hair... the Faux Bob! Simply put a faux bob hairstyle is a spot of gorgeous hair trickery employed by the best of them to give the illusion of a shorter do, without reaching for the scissors. No matter the thickness & length to your hair, there is always an answer and a way. A Faux bob is a super fun option for wedding hair, both for brides and bridesmaids, yes wedding guests too! With Eden's tutorial in hand, just about anyone can whip their locks into a shorter do!