1. 1970s Vietnam War Era Inspired US Air Force Wedding

    Be advised, there is some major coolness going on with today's styled wedding from California wedding photographer Jennifer Corbin Photography! The vibe for the shoot was to revisit the 70's Vietnam war era with a spot light on military flower power love. March Field Air Museum served as the beyond perfect backdrop for the wedding, filled with old planes, trucks, bunkers and all kinds of vintage decor trinkets from a time long ago. Along with Jennifer, A Day Remembered, worked their air field surroundings to create a unique setting, utilizing elements like old artillery canisters & turning them into overflowing centerpieces filled with vibrant powerful flowers. Matching the fashion of the era, our bride wears a full sleeve gown, loose & flowing, which is paired with the most perfect floral crown, an utter necessity back when. To bring the feel of 'Make Love, Not War' full circle, sweet moments are stolen between the couple, all ending with a serenade of song & love.

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress

    • Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress
    • Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress

    Before we jump into the goods, lets chat about why these non-traditional dresses are becoming such a force to be reckoned with. First and foremost, whether you realize it or not, your bridal party helps to set the tone for the look & feel of your day. In essence they are almost like a palette for you to work from.... cover them all in red satin dresses and you know your in for a more traditional cookie cutter wedding. Dress them up in chic lace baby blue dresses with killer heels finished with sweet updos and your curiosity is peeked as to what else is going on under the hood of the wedding. The beauty to the non-traditional bridesmaid dress however is in the ease to finding them {anywhere from Old Navy to Bergdorf Goodman!} as well as the true reality which is that these lovely frock actually can be worn again by your ladies after the wedding! I love when I hear people trying to convince themselves or others that a traditional dress can be worn again. You can cut it, you can dye but no matter what, they always end up looking like a bridesmaid dress, it simply is what it is.

  3. 9 Wedding Trends That Need To Give It Up To The New Cool Kids In Class

    Trends can be tricky, in any world. As Ms. Klum put it best, "One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out!" It seems that when it comes to wedding trends, the length of stay can become a bit exaggerated, rinse & repeating for an almost forever like period of time. As someone who flits through weddings on a daily basis, I've seen more then my share of repeaters and as such, want to inspire a new round of hot tamale trends that will help to break the mold into a new cycle of wedding hotness! Now don't get me wrong, any trend that ever existed had a right to be there and anything that was indeed a trend was so because it was popular & appreciated. In no way am I saying any of these are ugly or unworthy, rather I am simply offering a fresh take, & a new look!

  4. Scrumptious Down Home Lakeside South Carolina Wedding Featuring Reinvented Desserts

    I hope you wore your elastic pants today because today's feature, among other wonderfully delicious details, is straight up food porn, southern edition! The crew down in Greenville, South Carolina has completely out done themselves, this time focusing on a chic lake side wedding where lawn games, cocktails & good eats are the centerpieces. Working with a rustic vintage vibe, elements like old dressers, craft tables, even Victorian couches were brought outdoors to foster an environment that played into an old laid back southern chic style of old. Stations were assembled to bring guests a selection of choice frosty beverages offering refreshing sips like a bubbles bar to mixed specialty libations featuring moonshine style liquors. The pièce de résistance to the day however, is most certainly centered around the utterly divine delectable treats assembled like meatloaf sliders, cedar plank BBQ salmon & so much more. Between the adult beverages & down right crave worthy nibbles, its easy to see why one might skip dessert, but this wedding leaves nothing to chance, offering guests a bevvy of reinvented dessert classics, assembled in jar form! Banana puddings, coconut cream, even smores get the jar treatment! The beauty to it all however is not just in the food, but the styling of each station & setup, the presentation. I love the attention to detail & level of care to ensure that this gorgeous food is presented in the most amazing of ways without being too over the top! If there is one thing I adore about the south, its their love of all things chic & polished as well as their utter admiration toward good eats, all of which comes out in spades in this sweet little summer time lakeside wedding!