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Kata Banko Couture Bridal Accessories Look Book

No matter what kind of bride each of us identifies with, there are some truly amazing accessories out there to help us achieve our vision.  Kata Banko Couture recently put together a look book of their newest pieces, some playful, some perfectly traditional, each with a certain touch that makes them unique.  Structured organza, feather accents, […]

The Fishtail Princess, Her Bow Tie Ring & Her Rustic Wedding Dream At Les Chalets du Grand Duc

Sometimes restraint is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.  Wanting nothing more then to keep things as natural as possible, today’s phenomenal Montreal team crafted a wonderfully fresh yet rustic world at the newly opened Les Chalets du Grand Duc.  Every chalet should have its princess, our chalet has a princess made of stylish beauty […]

Queen Of The Night- Elegant Black Wedding Dresses With Sophisticated Style

Black couture wedding gowns have quietly crept into the wedding world, taking a strong hold on what is fashion forward.  Black wedding dresses push the conventional notion of the traditional bride, wrapping the black gown wearer in a cloak of mystery.  There is a sophistication and allure that is incredibly hard to to deny with these stunning black […]

Bridal Glam In 5 Elegant & Sophisticated Looks Captured On The House Of Blues Stage

There is a conflict of assumption when viewing a bride in a highly refined, elegant, at times dramatic look…. the Diva.  Yes there are indeed Diva brides, however do understand, Diva is a state of being, an attitude, not dictated by what one wears.  Therefore, can we be glam brides, without giving off the diva […]