1. Modern Romantic Glam Wedding At Diamond Bar Center Inspired By Chandeliers

    Let's face it, this is the week we all swoon just a wee bit harder at the sight of pinks, reds and anything dreamily metallic, am I right!? When this gem of a wondrously romantic glam wedding fell into my lap I knew this week was the most perfect of weeks for it! Jannie Ngo & Tom Tran wanted a wedding that was the perfect mix of modern, glam & rustic filled with bling inspired by swaying chandeliers. The result is a gorgeous day time ceremony under the treetop canopy accented by crystal clear chandeliers, magically suspended glass orbs and delicately hung rose blooms creating the most romantic of scenes. To keep the glittering chandelier inspired glam wedding going, reception tables were dressed in pale pink sequin table cloths with sparkling diamond like details at every turn! This glam wedding is a lovely day dream, filled with a mix of pinks red and fuchsia, one that puts just the right amount of sparkle into the day.

  2. Winter Wonderland Inspired Christmas Wedding

    The white tones of a winter wonderland were on display at the Christmas wedding of Alexandra Morgan & Maury Holub at El Campo Country Club. With a deep love for all things Christmas, the couple harnessed the design that makes Christmas great. From mercury glass to white ornaments with sprigs of green, Alexandra & Maury gave their guests an early Christmas start! Extra special touches to the day included 9 Christmas trees, a snow machine even an ice sculpture! For the true whimsical spirit, Alexandra treated Maury to an early wedding gift, an ice cream sundae bar for everyone! You've gotta love the Christmas wedding spirit, one that Alexandra & Maury put on display so well!

  3. Palm Springs Desert Christmas Wedding At Indian Canyons Golf Club

    No matter your faith, the holidays are ever enchanting as well as the idea of capitalizing on such creative and festive mojo! Madelyn Cooper & Brent Johnson didnt necessarily pick a holiday wedding so much as they holidays picked them. Swept up by all things getting one's masters entails, the couple opted for a Christmas wedding, giving them more then enough time to both get married, but to also steal away right to their honeymoon. With a few key connections thanks to the bride's father, the couple decided on Indian Canyons Golf Club in Palm Springs, a golf course locale nestled beautifully right along a mountain ridge providing unique vista views. Harnessing Madelyn's love for Gatsby, the couple turned their day into a 20's vibed Christmas party, from a gorgeous jeweled bridal headband to tall stark white feather centerpieces accented by glittering gold table numbers. On the Christmas side of things, garlands of both green and glitter...

  4. English Garden Infused New Jersey Wedding At Trump National Golf Course

    The English royals have enchanted all of us, especially with their stunning world event wedding, where the outside world was brought indoors for all to enjoy creating a magical spring wedding. Wanting to harness that same magic, Bethany Richards & Joey Selage took a cue from the royal wedding, creating an English Garden infused New Jersey wedding where blooms were brought indoors via terra cotta & metal pots. The overall effect was an indoor garden in a wash of baby blues, lilac, springy greens & mixed cream at Trump National Golf Course, a place that Joey felt right at home as he works for the Golf Channel! Naturally a traditional indoor church ceremony was the perfect English accouterments to this New Jersey wedding, one that embodies everything we love about classic weddings. The last piece of the puzzle was New Jersey wedding photographer Vanessa Joy Photography, who gorgeouslu captured each moment of Bethany & Joey's day, harnessing some of that special royal magic!