1. Historic St. Augustine Florida Wedding At Villa Blanca At The White Room

    Let's face it, while outdoor ceremonies certain are at an all time high, its the church weddings we still secretly squirrel away in our 'One Day' folders. While Tori Hubbard & Derek Walton's Florida wedding wasn't actually in a church, Villa Blanca at The White Room certainly reads like one. One that is a stunning loft like room with vaulted exposed beam ceilings, dark hardwood floors with chandelier upon chandelier swaying from above. In other words, a truly gorgeous minimalist space that I am positive will strike a cord with many of you! Believe it or not the palette for their semi-formal romantic St. Augustine Florida wedding started from the dress up, a breathtaking Allure gown with a soft peach under layer. From there florals were crafted in a wash of peachy meets coral hues, while navy was selected as the secondary color, pairing beautifully in contrast. The rest is a day filled with cobble stone streets, romantic details and a minimalist Florida wedding dream!

  2. Electric Blue Backyard Wedding In Miami Florida

    Sometimes simplicity is the gorgeous name of the game, and such is the beauty of backyard weddings. When you look through the intimate wedding day of Kristyn Saunders & Jason Wilczek, you wouldn't even get a hint at the series of unfortunate events that occurred the day before! Upon her arrival in Miami, the couple met with wedding photographer Lindsay Collette, for a mini engagement session around the Wynwood Walls only for the skies to open as they often do without warning in south Florida, forcing the crew back to the car only to realize, in that brief time, that they had been robbed. A moment that would have devastated just about anyone, wedding bands, marriage license, family heirlooms and so much more were taken, saw Kristyn & Jason rallied around by close friends and family ensuring their wedding the following day became the dream it was always meant to be. The couple were married, not just in any church, but the church Kristyn's family had helped to build over 60 years before! To celebrate, friends and family headed to her grandparent's house for an intimate backyard wedding reception in a wash of electric blues, oranges and metallic detailing. Jason hand crafted...

  3. Shabby Chic Vintage Wedding At St. Louis’s Neo on Locust

    Metropolitan weddings can easily be some of the most fantastic as you're surrounded in a metropolis filled environment with unique and diverse sub-worlds all around you. Kayla Broadway knew the moment she visited St. Louis's NEO on Locust that it had the perfect loft like feel for her shabby chic vintage wedding to Jordan McGaughey. The loft space was filled with old school detailing from chicken wire hung antique key escort cards to picture frame highlighted centerpieces of taper candle dripping candelabras and mixed bottle blooms. For the perfect juxtaposition of a modern urban world, Kayla & Jordan selected the enchanting UMSL Provincial House Chapel filled of marble, vaulted ceilings & old church opulence for their ceremony, resulting a dreamy mix of current day meets rich tradition & beauty. St. Louis wedding photographer For the Moment Photography captured each little detail of their St. Louis vintage wedding...

  4. Winter Wonderland Inspired Christmas Wedding

    The white tones of a winter wonderland were on display at the Christmas wedding of Alexandra Morgan & Maury Holub at El Campo Country Club. With a deep love for all things Christmas, the couple harnessed the design that makes Christmas great. From mercury glass to white ornaments with sprigs of green, Alexandra & Maury gave their guests an early Christmas start! Extra special touches to the day included 9 Christmas trees, a snow machine even an ice sculpture! For the true whimsical spirit, Alexandra treated Maury to an early wedding gift, an ice cream sundae bar for everyone! You've gotta love the Christmas wedding spirit, one that Alexandra & Maury put on display so well!