1. Nature’s Influences In This Fall Prospect Park Picnic House Brooklyn Wedding

    A smile you can hear... some people just have it. My sister in law is certainly one of those people, though after 4 years of knowing Christina Wisboro, I naturally also associate the genuine laughter that comes with it when I view photos of her in full force smile. Christina & Hill Hardy met one another just a short bit after the hubs & I reunited. It was an interesting relationship to watch develop & grow as I didn't need to know Hill's prior preferences in a gal to know how he was smitten as all hell when it came to Christina. Thick as thieves my hubs says, and that simply could not be more dead on! When the time came to ask for Christina's hand, Hill proposed in a very Hill way. {Read about that here} They asked if I would be their wedding planner & I politely declined in the desire to purely being a family member on that day & wanting to take the day in as such. I offered my aid & input as needed along the way of course, as well as designing some of the lovely decor elements for them: wood crate slate signage leading guests along the Prospect Park pathways and wood burned birch wood table numbers in beds of moss. For the card/gift area, we thought a picnic basket was perfection considering the venue was the Picnic House! The basket was laid on a large bed of moss surrounded by birch wood and candles, sprinkled with cream rose petals, much as the tables were as well. These elements combined with the super tall twiggy centerpieces, paper lanterns which gently swayed from the sky & a very gorgeous twiggy wedding arch, all played handily into what started off as a simple Save The Date which included initials carved into a tree, which blossomed into a wedding theme: Fall In The Park.

  2. Shabby Chic Romance With Vintage Flair Fills This Gorgeous Minnesota Wedding With Love

    You know the kind of couple that you never even have to met in person, and all you need to see is one photograph, & you completely understand the how truly deep their love runs? This feature embodies 'that' couple & I simply can not get enough of them! Sarah & Isaiah are beyond smitten kitten for one another & their wedding is simply gorgeous. From the stain glass filled & immensely high vaulted ceilings of the church to the glamour star of a reception space with one terrific looking dessert bar, this wedding is total aces! While the wedding is indeed lovely, it is the photos of Sarah & Isaiah that completely steal the show. As it turns out, I have an extra special gem to share, this sweet couple also did a 'Trash The Dress' session, which will be up at 1:30pm so be sure to check back as its AH-dorable...We'll just call it: Sarah & Isaiah go to the Carnival!

  3. Whimsical Romance Unleashed In This Spring Embodied Manhattan Wedding At Landmark On The Park

    Ladies, get your big girl swoon shoes on because Boy'O'boy do I have a precious gem for you! This wedding is described as whimsical romance & does it ever deliver! If all kinds of lovely were to be bottled up, packaged in all things wine, robin's egg blue, & metallic gold...then man would this birdie sing! Geneva Simms & Nathan Lavertue set out to craft their dream day, and dream big they did. From the breathtaking venue {an active church, Landmark on The Park}, to an iconic old school NYC taxi, to a custom gown {Christian Siriano} of likes that little girls dream of, to decor infused with all things springy include little birds & butterflies! This wedding is a modern Manhattan menagerie of new spring life busting out of its cocoon in wedding form!

  4. White Washed Mercury Hall Austin Texas Wedding With Sleek Style & Laissez Faire Feel

    "Before Mara and Andrew's wedding I only had a chance to meet with the bride. When I arrived at Mercury Hall on the wedding day Mara's sister approached me and said, "Just wait until you see Mara and Andrew together they are so loving towards one another." She was absolutely right and you could feel the love in this vintage inspired DIY wedding. The bride and groom made the day so smooth, special, and laid back. The wedding had a very vintage feel with it's neutral color palette that included creams, grays, and light pink. The flowers were simple and white and displayed in elegant table settings made using vintage tea kettles, books, and candle holders. The wedding was filled with touching surprised from the bride to the groom, including a vintage car for transportation, a flash mob, and a pancake snack. The whole event made me feel like I was in the novel The Great Gatsby, with a little flair. It was simple, heartfelt, and beautifully put together."