1. Private Mountain Wedding Nestled Lakeside Along The Sierra Nevada Mountains

    If you're of the mind set that a smashing wedding filled with sweet little design details on a limited budget is something that simply can not be done, you have not yet to see the mountain wedding of Roxy Tanase & Jacob Frey. Though budget conscious weddings aren't our focus, every now and again one comes across my desk that I love to share. Nestled into a special childhood locale for Jake, the couple said 'I Do' at the edge of a small lake within the Sierra Nevada Mountain range while guests were seated on handmade wood benches from a friend. Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and the like were crafted integrating local wildflowers while handmade paper detailing in the form of paper roses & fans injected a whimsical and vibrant touch. From Anthropologie dresses to Ted Baker groomsmen wear, the wedding fashion was another highlight, with Roxy's Claire Pettibone Clover Dress setting the most perfect of rustic boho vibe for all. With a gorgeous vista view, small intricate detailing and an eye on whimsical trends, this mountain wedding is a true treat!

  2. Rustic Wedding Cabin Style At Cliffs Mountain Park

    With the rolling hills of the Carolina's as inspiration, this rustic wedding set in the Cabin at The Cliffs Mountain Park serves as cozy inspiration for those heading into cooler month winter weddings or emerging from them! Pulling from a more earthy source of wedding inspired decor, a collection of natural woods, fur throws & metallic details were intermixed to create a hearth like country affair. Florals were created with asymmetrical sensibilities feeling each space with a truly organic feel to compliment the mountain nestled cabin surroundings. For a touch of whimsy & carefree fun, a popcorn bar was set with fun add-ons in the form of carmel, M&M's, walnuts and the like. To cap the evening, S'mores cocktails were poured for the couple, complete with graham cracker rim and toasted marshmallow garnish for fireside sipping! Cooler weather weddings have a unique way of presenting us with ability to create cozy little affairs, much like this rustic wedding treat!

  3. Palm Springs Desert Christmas Wedding At Indian Canyons Golf Club

    No matter your faith, the holidays are ever enchanting as well as the idea of capitalizing on such creative and festive mojo! Madelyn Cooper & Brent Johnson didnt necessarily pick a holiday wedding so much as they holidays picked them. Swept up by all things getting one's masters entails, the couple opted for a Christmas wedding, giving them more then enough time to both get married, but to also steal away right to their honeymoon. With a few key connections thanks to the bride's father, the couple decided on Indian Canyons Golf Club in Palm Springs, a golf course locale nestled beautifully right along a mountain ridge providing unique vista views. Harnessing Madelyn's love for Gatsby, the couple turned their day into a 20's vibed Christmas party, from a gorgeous jeweled bridal headband to tall stark white feather centerpieces accented by glittering gold table numbers. On the Christmas side of things, garlands of both green and glitter...

  4. Wondrously Charming Intimate Alabama Wedding Filled With Future Wedding Trends

    Man O man do I have a crush on today's wedding feature which is an utterly gorgeous mashup of vowel renewal plus styled shoot with a sprinkle of a great cause married with some dynamite wedding trends to come! A creative crew of local vendors had been itching to put together a gorgeous styled shoot, primed to inspire weddings trends in 2015, but rather then host yet another with models, they really truly wanted to find a real life couple who they could bless with such a special occasion. In came Kasi & Jamey Carrol, a sweet down home, college football lovin couple, who knew the meaning of how intense life can be. I won't steal their story, its most certainly worth the read in the Novella after the gallery, but Kasi & Jamey truly know how insane life can be. I am sure the idea of a vow renewal, done with such a creative hand, was next to a luxurious getaway for them, allowing them to take a mental break from things and focus on their core, the love between them.