1. Park City Utah Gets The Preppy Treatment In This Nature Enhancing Gorgeous Wedding

    So small back story about today's stunning feature that not even Summer Land {the bride} knows! My little sister is always on the hunt for the next witty thing to entertain her. She stumbled upon, Summerlandish, and felt she found a kindred spirit. I decided to follow Summer on Twitter & FB as if nothing else, the things she says in 140 characters make her follow worthy! Now comes the funny life timing part, not too long after that Summer actually contacted me about featuring her wedding {apparently SBW had helped her along her way} who knew!? Would the chicken or the egg come first, who knows, what I do know is when she reached out regarding her wedding, I pretty much accepted it without really seeing the images. I felt it was worth the potential risk as a girl like Summer, loving to be bold, brash, risque, & simply looking to have good time, if nothing else was going to make for one fun post and that was a risk I was willing to take. When the images finally landed on my desk I soon realized I was in for a treat! This gorgeous Park City Utah wedding allows nature to do all the heaving lifting all the while putting in just the right touches to make it brilliant. Beautiful strong wood tables are used for dining while a great white lounge area was erected for guests to relax. Intense pops of blue pink....

  2. Buddhist Wedding At Lyons Farmette With Sprinkles On The Side

    Leading up to the wedding day, typical brides are down right narcotic about what the weather just might be. Stressing over a storm system on the other side of the country, freaking out about cloud cover that they can not control. Rain is typically the end all be all of the worry producers. Joey Walker & Stephen Collins' wedding day was graced with rain, graced because up unto that point, the area had been having a super dry summer. As life would have it, the skies opened, the couple & guests embraced the quenching of the earth and rain was celebrated along side the couple. Yellows & grays supplemented the already lovely Lyon's Farmette, while rustic elegance was the overall feel for the day. The couple cemented their day, binding their love in a Buddhist ceremony while rain drops kissed the tops of the heads of those their to celebrate.

  3. Nature’s Finest On Display In This Mammoth Lake Stunner of A Wedding

    Love is a stunning backdrop as it is, toss in the absolutely jaw dropping Mammoth Lake and you have the makings of the most picture perfect wedding. Erin King & Todd Gelatka tied the knot in a place that had very special meaning to them from the start. Opting to play up to & enhance the already natural beauty of their surroundings, utilizing choice florals, little birdies, chalkboards & so much more. Guest were treated to an outdoor ceremony seated on half cut logs, while a special surprise guest popped in for a visit. If that surroundings weren't enough of a treat already, as the sun set, a bonfire was light & S'mores where broken out!