1. Vintage Industrial Old Mill Wedding At Slater Mill Rhode Island

    Well one things is for absolute certain.... I am now utterly dying now at the thought of a real mill wedding in an old mill! Thanks to Sara Smile Photography and her wonderfully romantic styled session at Slater Mill in Rhode Island, my creative juices are running wild! Slater Mill is a gorgeously restored water powered textile mill which produced cotton yarn from 1793 to 1829, which still houses a lot of the original detailing and trinkets. Naturally a few of these vintage trinkets {and their surroundings} found their way into the decor, but perhaps the best nod to this mill wedding is the cotton infused wedding bouquet in the most delicious of autumn hues. I have a pension for rustic industrial interior design and when I saw a lovely styled shoot like this carried out in such a setting, well, lets just say, get your pining fingers ready! Romantic, swoony and wonderfully understated in just the right ways, this mix of real world come old, is a blend that is sure fire wedding heaven.

  2. Backyard Style Eclectic Modern Wedding At Sausalito’s Studio 333

    In effort to find a venue uniquely cool and fabulously different from most, Kelly Davis & Erik Thomas stumbled upon Sausalito California's Studio 333 which provided the perfect setup for their gorgeous eclectic modern wedding! Seeking more of a dinner party feel, the couple utilized the event space's courtyard for both the nuptials & reception while guests were treated to frosty beverages & libations within the gallery walls. To embrace the full eclectic modern wedding feel, Kelly donned a beautifully sleek form fitting Nicole Miller gown with lace cutouts hugging the waist, which she topped off with a bridal fascinator and sweetly flowing locks, bringing a touch of European flavor! Wedding photographer Robin Jolin Photography was on hand to savor every moment, from the I Do's to the private strolls seaside!

  3. Contemporary Wedding At The Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

    I love the quirky beauty that there is to life. Believe it or not Hilary & Andrew grew up only a mile apart, though never actually meeting until college! Since home was such a strong focal point for them, celebrating in Toledo was an easy choice! Wanting to embrace a contemporary feel & the sometimes quirkiness that comes with art, the couple choose the sleek open space of the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion to share with their guests. With such lovely art already surrounding them, colors & florals were kept to a minimum. Guests were able to casually stroll through various halls to take in the art while sipping on cocktails & toasting the couple! The end result is a lighty and airy modern wedding that is a breath of fresh air!

  4. Southwestern Vibrancy & Spirit In This Frontier Take On A Lone Ranger Wedding

    If my aunt were still around she would have been alllll over today's beyond amazing styled session, that with the Lone Ranger as the design inspiration! Wonderfully southwestern in feel, heavy in turquoise in all the right places, this gorgeous western town inspiration shoot hits all the right notes when taking something so strong as the Lone Ranger as a theme. If you don’t yet know Lauren Pack Cox of Swanky Elephant Planning and Design, get to know her as she whips the frontier world into quite an amazing & vibrant display in both tablescape as well as styling of our southerwestern influenced couple! Lauren's big love of fashion comes out in spades playing with everything from a playful feather mohawk, bull horn clad steer ring along with some pretty choice turquoise pieces to a wonderfully cool vintage solider uniform for our groom! On top of the inspired fashion, the gals at Posh Salon created some unique looks for our bride, working with loose textured locks & braids as well as one seriously powerful makeup look of striped turquoise & minimized pout to accompany the feather mohawk! To bring together the fashion...