1. Combining Thank You’s & Holiday Cards {Part 2}

    Last year I touched on an issue that, as it turned out, there were some strong opinions on. Let me give you a quick recap, a la TV show 30 sec bring you up to speed montage. Our wedding was at the very end of August, after dealing with post wedding things, honeymoon, etc, we started to slide into the Holiday Season. My work, at the time, becomes extremely demanding, to put it mildly, around the holidays, so hand writing a billion Thank You's was not really an option, at least not if we wanted to be timely. There in laid our paradox.... Be tardy and send the Thank You Cards after the holidays, OR Combine our Christmas Cards WITH our Thank You Cards.

  2. Three Pre-Ceremony ‘To Haves’ That You’ll Thank Me For

    Pretty much the moment you get engaged the people around you will feel the need to impart on you their opinions & wisdom about what to do and what not to do at your wedding. Some of it will be common sense {you'd think}, some things will be beyond your control, some completely outlandish & others will indeed be genuine pearls that really ought to be listened to. An important thing to realize when people are throwing these gems your way, is that more then likely they had experiences in the past where someone did {or didn't} get it quite right and it made an impression. Think about it. You yourself have attended a wedding or two and I am sure there are things that left an imprint on your, good or bad. Things to learn from.

  3. I’m Just A Big Tease…What Can I Say?!

    This morning I was greeted by an email from the lovely Sarah DiCicco with yet another peek of our gorgeous wedding pics! Granted I have seen a preview slideshow thus far, there is a still a mass of eye candy that yet awaits us! Sadly, for a reason or 2 that I am tight lipped on, I cant share our pics with you guys yet! Trust me, I want to! All in due time...

  4. Printable Pinwheels With Oh Happy Day

    I am a sucker for Pinwheels! Not the cheap ones you can pick up at your local grocery, but the lovelies created with gorgeous double sided scrapbook paper that really elevate the whimsy that is the pinwheel. I am such a sucker for them that I actually used pinwheels to create a path to our ceremony spot! Before I go blubbering needlessly about why I like them so much (Yes Sarah, I am your pinwheel princess!) allow me to direct your attention to Oh Happy Day.