1. Nouveau Indian Christian Houston Wedding In Mixed Pinks & Crystals

    One part glam & one part Indian awesome, this gorgeous Houston wedding from Esvy Photography is a delicious mash up of old world culture with all the chic modern trimmings! Narmeen & Joe Thomas wanted to honor their Indian culture all while embracing a catholic ceremony. Narmeen donned a more modern body hugging trumpet lace wedding dress perfectly complimenting it with the traditional mehndi on her hands & arms as well as beyond gorgeous pieces of Indian designed jewelry, tying the two worlds together flawlessly. The night was shared in the luxuriously decorated ballroom at Royal Oaks Country Club dressed in shiny pinks & golds punctuated with tall centerpieces dripping in a waterfall of crystals & blooms. I love the way that Narmeen & Joe beautifully blended their heritage with their modern day faith all while giving just the right glamorous touch!

  2. North Carolina Private Residence Country Wedding Among The Weeping Willows

    When your family's private farm is a secret garden filled with caterpillars, ponds, weeping willows & gobs upon gobs of gorgeous little flowers everywhere, why on earth would you get married anywhere else right!? North Carolina wedding photographer Connection Photography had the good fortune of being on hand for Sarah & Jesse Yandle's working farm wedding filled with magical places & special little animals at every turn. Combine their creative shooting style with touches like tin baskets filled with apples, old school milking canisters, canoes brimming with beverages & a country craving wedding party and you have the makings for the first real wedding of the season that is going to have you praying summer gets here like yesterday!

  3. Private Residence Rustic Alabama Wedding On The Steps Of Great Great Grandads Porch

    When your family's property is this sweet, with such wonderful elements like the original white wash house built by your great great grandfather still on it, it only makes sense to have your gorgeous wedding there! Meagan Deakle & Joe Cain wanted to incorporate their family lives as much as they could utilizing Meagan's family's property as well as Joe's family owned fishery business which not only provided the delicious seafood for the guests but a source for some cool decor elements such as bronzed oyster shells! The families worked to created wonderful homespun details with wood slab signs, old windows, hay bale seating and so much more. Alabama wedding photographer Freshly Bold Photography was on hand to capture each special moment, from Meagan & Joe's first look to the sweet little flower girl caught on a summer's day. Private residence weddings always have that little extra je ne sais quoi & what could be more special then so much family history!

  4. Romantic Estate Outdoor Garden Wedding In Pink & Lace

    Refined, classic & wonderfully romantic, Sarah Welch & Eric Bratt celebrated their union on the lovely grounds of a private residence in Canada, taking full advantage of the gardens & their chic surroundings. Decor elements & florals in a mix hue of pink, light blue & ivory were carefully crafted with touches of lace to bring together a true romantic feel. From the draped ceremony backdrop to the tented reception, guests delighted in everything an estate wedding had to offer, including lawn games to keep things light! A special touch to the day, the couple started their celebration off by saying a special family vow which was shared between Sarah's 9 yr old son & their infant baby girl, together as a family. Additionally, 9 year old Jacob played the wedding march as Sarah walked down the aisle! Sarah & Eric's lovely wedding was certainly romantic and wonderfully chic as well as having some pretty wonderful sentimental touches!