1. {SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s}

    If you haven't quite noticed by now, I have a healthy obsession with Boudoir Photography & will always bring great shoots along to Storyboard as they come my way. There are many many reasons to love boudoir, a lot of which I have touched on in one way or another over time. However, I really felt that Storyboard needed a masters touch when it came to the elegant bits that can really make boudoir... the lingerie! I've recently teamed up with one such up & coming lingerie aficionado, whom will be filling our heads, the first Tuesday of each month, with visions of all things lacey, sexy & divine, as well as popping in from time to time on our boudoir features to add in her 2 cents on some of these stellar shoots!

  2. {SBW Guest Post} Soft Yellow Dreams with Kitty Kat Purrs…..Inspiration Board

    You may have seen me frequently chatting with Sara of Burnett's Boards on Twitter. Sara genuinely has a knack for putting together the best inspiration boards! When I asked if she wanted to put one together for our SBW readers, she was instantly on board, taking a cue from a our convo's about her adorable kitty! While she put this together thinking I might reject it, being all heavy on the kitty, it turns out, I LOVE it! I mean, how could you not?! The soft yellows, the subtle kitty cat nods, this whole board has a laid back hipster vibe and it is fantastic! By the way, as it were, yellow is a great fall wedding color of those of you that are leary of looking like a leafy October forest. This board is completely adorable with my favorite part by far being, the Scrabble MEOW cat! How cute of an idea would that be translated into Save The Dates?!

  3. {SBW Guest Post} So you booked a photographer…what next?

    Happy Friday! Feels like a mega TGIF right?? Ugh, very happy this week is on its way out, or at the very least on its way into 2 days of bliss. We need it over here. Big hugs to my boy Casey Fatchett for stepping up to bat for me today with a post today that...well lets be honest, we all think about: Now that I have you dear photographer, what do we do? Join Casey as he helps breakdown what to do with the between booking & wedding day. PS-Casey is a total gas & you should totally be following him on Twitter if your not already!

  4. {SBW Guest Post} From Beauty to Beast

    We've all experienced it. We've all gotten goose bumps as we watched the beautiful bride walk down an aisle strewn with rose petals. We've felt as a hush settles over the crowd. We've shifted in our seats so that we can get a glimpse of the magnificent white dress. The cameras begin clicking away. The bride is stunning. A vision. Breathtaking almost... And as she approaches her eagerly awaiting groom, there is a sparkle in her eye, and his eyes are shining as he sees her for the first time. He is holding back tears.