1. Sweet Southern Maritime Wedding Complete With Brooch Bouquet, Trolley Ride, & Family Love

    Heading down south, we are treated to the vintage feel wedding of Kelly Foster & Gene Harley. This wedding was truly a family affair with various family members greatly helping out our bride with everything from sourcing (over 3 states!) mix matched china, bottles, & various knickknacks to a hand made scrapbook and my personal favorite, a stunning brooch bouquet made by Kelly's cousin, which by the way, was her first time making one! Kelly offers some wonderful commentary throughout regarding her wedding & a few words of advice for future brides to be!

  2. Soft Sweet Orange & Luscious Greens Inspire This Laid Back Styled Shoot

    I am trying & somewhat failing, at keeping myself from making some Orange ya' joke... See what I did there? I got it out of my system without exactly laying some horrid joke on you, yay me. Small wins, but I digress. Today's featured shoot, is a lovely styled inspiration collaboration between some great local vendors who wanted to focus on two very strong colors, working together in harmony. Tulips, Gerber Daisies, Roses were used in various hues of soft orange, making the ever powerful orange more palatable. Crowd favorite succulents even made a cameo, but what I truly love is cake! Such a lovely powerful design! Rounding things out is an adorable candy bar & two happy laid back lovely ladies. Color is a wonderful thing & soft oranges are truly amazing.

  3. The Spirit of Life, Love & Laughing in This Tradition Based Youthful Wedding

    When I first saw this wedding submission, it was the church that truly caught my attention. Perhaps one of the more structurally lovely & stain-glass adorned churches I have seen. Once I got passed the church I realized that today's feature couple, Melanie Siu-shan Hui & Lawrence Santiago Lipana are absolutely captivating & I am in love with their spirit. Just from viewing their wedding photos, I can tell that these two love life, love laughing & even more so, enjoying life with their friends and each other. The wedding is a gorgeous affair of course, but its the moments they share with each other, family & friends through out, that truly make this wedding so wonderful!

  4. 60s Feel In This Modern Intimate Italian Wedding Featuring Smiles & Laughs

    Smaller, more intimate weddings can be unbelievably lovely! For a lot of couples, there isnt always a need to have a ton of people around, just a few select guest is all you need and that is exactly what Jennifer Maddock & Carl Copley did for their Italian wedding! Taking a cue from the 60's, bridesmaids were styled in modern beehives, dressed in lovely pale blues. Our bride has such a grand infectious smile and a laugh you can almost hear through the photos. Perhaps my personal favorite part of this wedding is choice of transportation!