1. Whimsical Rustic Industrial Black & White Wedding Inspired By Five Stripes Tapers

    I love when I get submissions reading along with the curious intricacies that shaped a couple, or even a designer's creative process, what inspired them to decor & fashion greatness. Fun tidbit about today's beautifully styled Black & White wedding, the inspiration came for black & white taper candles via Five Stripes! I completely adore the idea of that and my oh my how gorgeous is the physical manifestation of this candle inspired vision!! Set in a wonderfully industrial environment, a setting of organic whimsy was created featuring a deep wood table & mix matched chairs, a gold rimmed heirloom china collection, suspended umbrellas as a centerpiece and naturally Five Striped candles! Our bride and groom are gorgeously styled to boot with the perfect amount of reserve with a slight vintage nod. This session is wonderfully on trend, modern with a beautiful nod to old, whimsical and sophisticated all in the same breath!

  2. Dark Wood, Bright Colors & Shining Gold In This Colors, Flavors, and Spices of India Styled Shoot

    I have such a big crush on this insanely lovely styled Indian shoot! From the bright elegant colors to the phenomenal clothing all beautifully captured by Brian MacStay Photography! When the team got together to craft this styled shoot, they took cues from the colors and flavors of India, saffron, curry, cardamom and indigo as well as the location for the shoot, one of San Francisco’s most iconic locations, the historic Julia Morgan Ballroom. The Julia Morgan Ballroom is rich in texture and history with its deep Mahogany paneled wood walls, glamorous marble foyer, coffered ceilings and beveled mirrors. Their goal was to highlight the deep, beautiful colors that are so entrenched in Indian culture. Taking the opportunity to play with everything from the jewelry by Reveti Jewelry Inc, to the bright florals. The beautiful beaded dress, which was designed by Swati Couture was custom designed and intricately beaded. Every piece to this well styled shoot is an explosion of color, texture and brilliance!

  3. Pretty In Pink Cool Spring Weather Wedding Featuring Bows & Arrows And Streamer Balloons

    I love how spot on styled shoots can be, even when they dont mean to. Case in point is this truly AH-dorable Pretty In Pink spring fever shoot! The idea is fresh poppy vibrant colors that take you that spring tingle along with some super fun whimsical elements. This sweetheart bride is styled in an adorable short rosette gown from Ivy and Aster, which is paired with a bright pink cardigan & matching thick pink tights! The cardie & tights are two amazing elements that, given the freakish overly cold weather that most of the country is dealing with right now, is incredibly spot on! Spring brides are brides that always run the risk of getting either truly phenomenal weather or weather to snuggle up to! The use of elements like a wrap or cardie, along with thick tights not only transcends a bride into a fun quirky persona, they keep her quite warm too! Spring and even fall weddings often give couples the chance to wear some extra layers, really giving them the chance to pick some statement pieces that really show of their personalities!

  4. Queen Of The Night- Elegant Black Wedding Dresses With Sophisticated Style

    Black couture wedding gowns have quietly crept into the wedding world, taking a strong hold on what is fashion forward. Black wedding dresses push the conventional notion of the traditional bride, wrapping the black gown wearer in a cloak of mystery. There is a sophistication and allure that is incredibly hard to to deny with these stunning black gowns. They captivate us not just because they stray so far from the norm, but because they are equally, if not more eloquent, in their design. Breaking the mold already by being black vs traditional white, designers feel a freedom when creating a black gown, a freedom that does not restrict them and as such, works of art are born. This shoot puts together 2 stunning & gorgeously polished looks to inspire brides looking to step out from under the white veil. From the form fitting mermaid gown of a more refined taste to the show piece Marchesa that embodies strength & power, these 2 seductive looks can easily entice the most traditional of brides to break out of the white box.