1. Queen Of The Night- Elegant Black Wedding Dresses With Sophisticated Style

    Black couture wedding gowns have quietly crept into the wedding world, taking a strong hold on what is fashion forward. Black wedding dresses push the conventional notion of the traditional bride, wrapping the black gown wearer in a cloak of mystery. There is a sophistication and allure that is incredibly hard to to deny with these stunning black gowns. They captivate us not just because they stray so far from the norm, but because they are equally, if not more eloquent, in their design. Breaking the mold already by being black vs traditional white, designers feel a freedom when creating a black gown, a freedom that does not restrict them and as such, works of art are born. This shoot puts together 2 stunning & gorgeously polished looks to inspire brides looking to step out from under the white veil. From the form fitting mermaid gown of a more refined taste to the show piece Marchesa that embodies strength & power, these 2 seductive looks can easily entice the most traditional of brides to break out of the white box.

  2. A Midday’s Snowy Dream In A Winter Wonderland Of Glistening Snow, Moss & Antlers

    If there is one thing above all that I love & appreciate the most about snow, it is how it seems to create this magical world where time & sound simply.... stop. Have you ever noticed that...how when its snowing, it seems as if the world couldn't possibly be more peaceful? Winter weddings are able to capture this very charm, there by creating an almost surreal dream like world. While most brides covet the summer for their fete, its the truly special brides that know & appreciate the power that is winter, opting to capitalize on its beauty. A team of amazing vendors from the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula joined together to craft a snow globe winter wedding fantasy to inspire future couples. Allowing nature's true beauty to supply the rustic elements, the team added touches like moss, deer antlers, and candles to vintage ladders, sleds & the tablescape. Elements like old skis, snow shoes & figure skates were used as brilliant decor touches to inject the perfect Après Ski feel. Bringing winter full circle, the bride was styled like an elegant snow princess with snowflake jewelry & a winter cape to keep warm. This styled shoot highlights the magic that can unfold with winter weddings & I truly hope to see more adventurous brides going this route!

  3. Modern Elegant Upper East Side Manhattan Wedding At The Harold Pratt House With 1920s Influences

    When I visualize a Manhattan wedding, there are only a few small variations that come to mind. My default dream Manhattan wedding is sleek, modern, upscale, elegant, classic with a bit of art deco nod. Ashley Rupeka & Patrick Mokros's wedding is a beautiful package of exactly that. Even more special is that fact that Ashley & Patrick are two very good friends of mine, and yes I had to good fortune to attend this gorgeous affair. Small bit of back story first... I have known Patrick {& his lovely sister Molly} since 2001, watching the both of them blossom into this life. It goes without saying, having known someone for such a period of time, I have seen Patrick in & out of a few relationships over this time period, none that I was particularly a fan of. I note this only because of a fun fact {dont worry not trying to get Patrick in any hot water!} In 2009 a mutual good friend of ours got married. As his guest for this wedding, Patrick brought along and I quote 'A good friend from home' I can't exactly explain why, but I thought to myself, yeah ah ha..... As I came to find out, Ashley & Patrick were actually high school sweethearts & as I watched them interact that night, I knew something was very different. I liked Ashley right off the bat and really liked the way that Patrick just seemed to 'hum' around her. He didn't know it yet, but I did. I actually told him so that night. "You're going to marry this girl some day" I told him. He smiled at me in his cheshire way, explaining to me that it was strictly platonic & that he just needed a date for the wedding. Riiiiiiight :)

  4. Wistful Rustic Chic Inspiration Shoot With Touches of Lace, Feathers & Snow

    There is something so absolutely lovely & dreamy about this styled shot. The overall thought behind the creation of this stunning shoot was to put together a look & feel for brides on a tighter budget. The use of feathers & lace really do wonders in this gorgeous rustic set up, bringing an organic yet elevated feel to the overall aesthetic. Two models, with 2 very different looks are featured, giving our bride to be 2 different wedding day visions. One a more classic stoic elegant bride, the other a more vivacious fashion forward bride. Both bridal looks work harmoniously with the heighten rustic setting, from the lace gowns with complimentary lace trimmed veils to the show stopping feather ball gown. In addition to the elegant design both in decor as well as bridal fashion, there are some truly lovely photographic moments, my favorite being the black & white image with our ball gown bride seated in a tall back chair, wistfully looking out the window. Allow this dreamy fall come winter bridal inspiration shoot inspire you to create you own world of elevated rustic design for your winter wonderland wedding!