1. Combining Thank You’s & Holiday Cards {Part 2}

    Last year I touched on an issue that, as it turned out, there were some strong opinions on. Let me give you a quick recap, a la TV show 30 sec bring you up to speed montage. Our wedding was at the very end of August, after dealing with post wedding things, honeymoon, etc, we started to slide into the Holiday Season. My work, at the time, becomes extremely demanding, to put it mildly, around the holidays, so hand writing a billion Thank You's was not really an option, at least not if we wanted to be timely. There in laid our paradox.... Be tardy and send the Thank You Cards after the holidays, OR Combine our Christmas Cards WITH our Thank You Cards.

  2. Country Club Weddings With Modern Luxury Style For Brides With Refined Flair To Boho Love

    Putting together a wedding celebration that honors both halves of the couple's interest can be a challenge at times. A large portion of the male population love to golf, love hanging out at the country club, love just about everything related to it. When it comes time to have their wedding, hosting their event at a country club seems like the natural next step. The problem is, some ladies are simply not into country club weddings as there is a bit of a cookie cutter stigma associated with them. What I love about today's styled shoot is that it inspires some out of the box creative ways to take a country club wedding & truly elevate it to that luxury modern wedding that you were dreaming of. The best part, the groom is happy to be in his element & the bride is in a glittery 7th heaven!

  3. Mix Matched Vintage Cream Chairs Make Magic Happen In Wedding Decor

    There is one element to decor that I would place a safe bet on, that often gets over looked. Care to hazard a guess? Are you sitting down? Seriously.... are you sitting down?! Get it, take a seat... I know, incredibly corny but I wanted to make a point! So often chairs are a piece of the rental puzzle that come stock with our venue space. In our efforts to watch our budget bottom lines, most people dont even give a second thought to what effect the look of certain chairs might have on their overall decor vision. A great chair, can change everything. It can help to shape & mold in ways you dont even directly realize your being influenced by. One such company that champions a great chair is Chairished Vintage Chair Rentals. Take this styled shoot for example. How amazing do these mix matched cream chairs make the entire set up! Whether its one great chair, or a whole slew of chairs, remember, what you put your bum on is just as important as those centerpieces!

  4. A Bohemian Chic Canadian Wedding That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

    I cant exactly put my finger on it, but there is just something I adore so very much about this wedding. I first came across Alison Koepke & Tyler Rienas because of their lovely engagement photos. Upon speaking with Andrea of Andrea Ball Photography, I came to know that their wedding had just occurred and it was a keeper, for sure! I simply can not get enough of our bride & groom's style, from the lace dress & gibson tucked hair to Tyler's simple thin suspenders. Opting out of a traditional wedding cake, Alison & Tyler served ever tasty various pies in the freshest of fruits! Perhaps my utmost favorite piece to this bohemian chic wedding is a simple decor element in the form of lace dream catchers, sweetly dancing along the top of the gazebo line. Our clever couple repurposed needle point frames, installing mix matched lace, allowing them to hang & sway in a dream catcher like state framing Alison & Tyler during their ceremony. Ah young love and their creative energies & stylish ways!