1. 8 Spring Cocktails That Will Wake Your Sleeping Taste Buds

    I have a serious sweet spot for beverage creation, both the adult and non-adult kind. While it's only the beginning of the year, I am finding myself already wistful for spring and as such, my palette turning to the exciting flavors that pair with the season. We've rounded up a collection of 8 of our favorite spring cocktails that will wake up your hibernating taste buds, and move you into the promised land of blue skys and warmer breezes. Its important to note, that we don't play favorites here, working with mocktails just as much as their full leaded friends! The beauty to a great, we crafted mocktail is that in the right hand, its accessible to everyone, while easily being turned up a notch for those seeking full throttle! As a hostess, I love putting together a mocktail to start, as it allows me to only worry about preparing one drink vs two, that will satisfy the whole crowd in one shot. Prepare the mocktail batch, get your liquor pairings ready, and when it comes time to serve up the adult version, simply mix the liquor in the glass to order! For any of our mocktail suggestions below we've noted their perfect liquor friends. Remember...

  2. Classic Perfection Specialty Cocktail Pimm’s Cup Recipe

    Whether or not you have had the pleasure of sipping one for yourself while somewhere in the UK, you've no doubt at least heard of the liqueur Pimm's. Created by a local oyster bar owner in London, offered as a digestive aid after dinner, this gin based concoction with its mix of secret herbs & liquors, quickly grew into a town favorite. The beauty to Pimm's & more specifically Pimm's Cup No.1, is the simplicity with which one can craft their own Pimm's Cup recipe & its universal likability, even by someone like me for example, who does not like gin {it doesn't taste of gin} at all.

  3. Specialty Cocktail Citrus Sangria Recipe

    Sangria is an old friend popping up just about everywhere. What makes Sangria standout from place to place is what goes into it. While purists might argue that there is a hard and fast way to craft the perfect batch, the true reality is, when it comes to creating a specialty cocktail of Sangria, its dealer's choice. There is one key component to this refreshing treat that is indeed a necessity no matter what else goes into it, wine. If you have the grape juice of the Gods, your well on your way. Lauren, of Lauren W. Photography is back again to share her citrus dripping specialty cocktail version that was utter perfection for the bachlorette party that she threw. Mixed the night before, allowing the flavors to heighten & meld harmoniously, lemons, limes & oranges are the star of this summer ready Sangria.

  4. Tart & Sweet Pineapple Mojito Summer Specialty Cocktail Recipe

    I love a great specialty cocktail for a few reasons. In regards to specialty cocktails at events like weddings, they help guide guests to a delectable beverage as well as giving your wedding guests another insight to who you are as a couple. You may recall a month or so ago we featured a wonderfully chic upscale Bachlorette party from Lauren W Photography, which offered guests 2 homemade summer specialty cocktails. Many wondered the recipes for these 2 frosty beverages, so today we are sharing the recipe for the Pineapple Mojito!