1. St. Patrick’s Day Spring Wedding Inspiration In Hues of Green & Leather

    When I was considering what exactly it was that I wanted to feature today, putting together just about anything drenched in pure green seemed so very expected. After a few moments of mauling spring weddings over, it occurred to me what pairs ever so beautifully with the deep earthy hues of green, leather. Both green & leather has a true organic life force feel, when the two are paired together there is a real salt of the earth power that is hard to ignore. Working mostly with jewel tones of green, those found naturally occurring, nothing to bold or extreme, there is a certain passive feel that emotes, a calm & cozy place. Each element has a feel of refinement & sophistication, all while being grounded and wholesome. This spring wedding inspiration board serves as the perfect bridge for couples looking for style & grace all while assembling a day that is filled with personality & charm.

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: The Beauty Of The Naked Cake

    For today's Why It Works, we are stripping down to our bare selves, our naked self, in the form of an utterly gorgeous {& delicious!} wedding trend, The Naked Wedding Cake! Perhaps you don't know exactly what I am talking about but rested assured, you've already seen at least one or two. Naked cakes are those that go sans frosting around the sides of the cake {frosting in between layers is certainly fair game!}, leaving the appeal of the cake to be in its natural, uncovered beauty of the spongy goodness of the cake itself. The beauty in this design, the color of the cake itself can set a tone and influence the look and feel that your going for, another fun way to bring something to life! Vanilla cakes & those with a lightly colored cake batter, volia, a blonde naked cake! Conversely a chocolate cake, or any other dark battered cake will get you a wonderfully moody sultry treat! My favorite part to naked cake designs is that the fun does not stop at just the beauty of the cake alone, the other side to the naked cake's beauty is in it's fillings & toppings, in the form of frosting, berries, caramel, honey, natural blooms and so much more! There is a limitless amount of creative elements that can be put together, while the real value is that these frosting shedding cakes can easily transcend a number of different wedding themes & styles!

  3. Modern Sophistication At The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Wedding In Gray & Pink

    Loving the Vegas energy but not the Las Vegas cliche, Jamie VanMeetren & Ryan Mandino appealed to the sophisticated and luxury side that is found at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. Modern, sleek, and elegant are the easiest ways to describe this fete in soft pinks & gentle grays. Jamie wore a gorgeous Vera Wang with a wonderfully fashion forward trademark Vera full ruffled lower mermaid skirt while Ryan kept things classic in a sleek Prada suit in gray. Not only did Jamie wear a beautiful Vera Wang, she masterfully paired it with a gorgeous statement necklace & some pretty AMAZING Valentino flats that I am in love with!! The couple were married indoors, the ceremony featuring a petal heavy aisle which lead to a gorgeous rose covered arbor where they said 'I do'. I love this modern and wonderfully mature take on a Vegas wedding. Its good to know what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there!

  4. Classic Southern Elegance At South Carolina’s Middleton Place In This Opulent Wedding Set With Neutral Tones

    There is something so incredibly crave worthy about the class and opulence surrounding southern weddings! Be it the refined mannerisms or celebration of pomp circumstance, its easy to see what New York City residents Elizabeth Allina & Justin Lott opted for a southern fete. Capitalizing on a true southern gem, the couple chose Middleton Place with all of its sprawling acres on the banks of the Ashley River including gorgeous elements like Butterfly Ponds, the manicured rows of Camelias, sweeping Oak trees, and an octagonal garden. Allowing for the southern sophistication to do the talking, Elizabeth & Justin cleverly choose a neutral based color palette in pale pale pinks, cream & natural woods. Guests were treated to a romantic cocktail hour under the swaying oaks with a terrific lounge setup & torch light flames a glow before retiring to a vaulted indoor reception space complete with draped fabric and chandeliers. Elizabeth & Justin's South Carolina wedding dripped in refinement and class exemplifying all that is so deliciously crave worth!