1. Easy Breezy Destination Wedding For A South Florida Miami Beach Elopement

    To ease into the week I've got a sweet little treat from Canadian wedding photographer Samantha Clarke Photography who teamed up with Miami wedding vendors Ever After Floral Design & Persnickety Events to create an easy breezy Miami Beach elopement. Wanting to focus on a stripped down wedding that allowed for the beauty that is Miami's gorgeous beach locale to be the star, the team opted for a light palette of blush & cream that beautifully mimicked the soft white sands surrounding them. To bring a bit of organic drama to the beach elopement, Ever After Floral Design crafted a gorgeous monotone bouquet in a wild dutch master's like style, easily echoing the way that beach winds move around in such sporadic ways. The remaining pieces were left to the couple themselves, given a pure and simple opportunity to be together in a private and true way. Not every wedding, not every elopement needs to be filled with fanfare and this private & beautifully quiet Miami Beach elopement makes for the perfection destination wedding getaway!

  2. Beautifully Moody Stormy Summer Beach Wedding

    If there is one thing I always show up for, one thing I always applaud, its that which is off the beaten path and done beautifully! When this stormy little styled shoot landed in my inbox I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Did they mean stormy ironically? I mean let's be honest, we're all basically trained to fear the elements.... 'Dear God please don't let it rain on my wedding day', 'please don't let this Nor'easter hit on the day of my outdoor styled shoot', and so on! The reality is, if you can bear it... if you can stick around, there is some real true magic to be had when weather comes knocking! There are two things about this shoot that Savannah wedding stylist Urban Poppy did that I am IN.LOVE. with. Firstly, they took the fairly standard idea of a beach wedding and... well tossed it in the ocean! Instead the crew focused on upscale elevated detailing that created a wonderfully stylish stormy dream beach wedding. In place of your standard size table, a coffee table was used inviting guests to sit directly onto the soft sands evoking a one with the earth yet whimsical feel. The table was dressed with simple white plates and silverware...

  3. Red White And Blue Wedding Inspiration Roundup With Serious Patriotic Love

    July 4th is perhaps one of the most treasured and widely celebrated holidays we as Americans share. Not only does it represent the time our country defined itself, it is the very hallmark of everything that is Americna. There is a deep passion that comes with the fourth of July, be it military praise or the ability to enjoy our freedom, we love to embrace this summer highlight. When something embodies so much meaning it inspires beyond its core, as such gorgeous red white and blue weddings take a cue, crafting serious patriotic love, wedding style. Personally I feel a palette of red white and blue can go array easily. They are three very strong colors when put together, work with the wrong tones of each and all you have is a lot of noise. Work with the right variations of these hues and you have a red white and blue wedding masterpiece. Below is a collection of some of my favorites that took Americana love, a sprinkle of Patriotic beauty and turned it into sheer magic. Blooms, brides, cocktails & treats, you'll find a bevy of patriotic wedding inspiration that will tug at your Americana heartstrings!

  4. Military Infused Memorial Day Beach Wedding Along The Virginia Coastline

    With Memorial Day just around the corner and days spent at the beach on the horizon, we gear up for some serious shoreline fun including gorgeous beach weddings. While Memorial day marks the beginning of summer in our minds, it is at heart about honoring our military. Fusing together a dreamy beach wedding with military flavor, a talented group of Virginia wedding vendors came together to craft a styled shoot with the most perfect of subtle red white and blue undertones photographed by Macon Photography! Working with the sea in mind, the team opted to highlight more refined details found in the ocean from stark white corals to unique & eye catching sea fans. Forgoing the often overused beach themed items, event designer Style by Design selected elements that playful evoked a sea like world from the steely blue table linen from Distinctive Event Rentals & ghost chairs from Styled Decor to barnacle style bowls filled to the brim with berries. Floral designer Roost Flowers did a stellar job putting together floral arrangements that showcased a few choice blooms while working with diverse wide leaf greens to emulate...