1. White Washed Mercury Hall Austin Texas Wedding With Sleek Style & Laissez Faire Feel

    "Before Mara and Andrew's wedding I only had a chance to meet with the bride. When I arrived at Mercury Hall on the wedding day Mara's sister approached me and said, "Just wait until you see Mara and Andrew together they are so loving towards one another." She was absolutely right and you could feel the love in this vintage inspired DIY wedding. The bride and groom made the day so smooth, special, and laid back. The wedding had a very vintage feel with it's neutral color palette that included creams, grays, and light pink. The flowers were simple and white and displayed in elegant table settings made using vintage tea kettles, books, and candle holders. The wedding was filled with touching surprised from the bride to the groom, including a vintage car for transportation, a flash mob, and a pancake snack. The whole event made me feel like I was in the novel The Great Gatsby, with a little flair. It was simple, heartfelt, and beautifully put together."

  2. Peacock Colors Inspire This Blue Hued Color Palette With Feather Touches

    In all my research for our wedding a while back, I kept running across so many brides that were utterly mad over peacock feathers as their source of inspiration. Whether it was simply the feathers alone or the deep rich colors each feather featured on display, one thing was clear, there are a lot you that love a good peacock feather! Today's styled shoot focus on these royal feathers, using them both literally as well as a source of color inspiration. The result is an arresting & bold set up that I am sure many of the peacock wedding brides will eat up!

  3. Buddhist Wedding At Lyons Farmette With Sprinkles On The Side

    Leading up to the wedding day, typical brides are down right narcotic about what the weather just might be. Stressing over a storm system on the other side of the country, freaking out about cloud cover that they can not control. Rain is typically the end all be all of the worry producers. Joey Walker & Stephen Collins' wedding day was graced with rain, graced because up unto that point, the area had been having a super dry summer. As life would have it, the skies opened, the couple & guests embraced the quenching of the earth and rain was celebrated along side the couple. Yellows & grays supplemented the already lovely Lyon's Farmette, while rustic elegance was the overall feel for the day. The couple cemented their day, binding their love in a Buddhist ceremony while rain drops kissed the tops of the heads of those their to celebrate.

  4. Country Club Weddings With Modern Luxury Style For Brides With Refined Flair To Boho Love

    Putting together a wedding celebration that honors both halves of the couple's interest can be a challenge at times. A large portion of the male population love to golf, love hanging out at the country club, love just about everything related to it. When it comes time to have their wedding, hosting their event at a country club seems like the natural next step. The problem is, some ladies are simply not into country club weddings as there is a bit of a cookie cutter stigma associated with them. What I love about today's styled shoot is that it inspires some out of the box creative ways to take a country club wedding & truly elevate it to that luxury modern wedding that you were dreaming of. The best part, the groom is happy to be in his element & the bride is in a glittery 7th heaven!