1. Country Club Weddings With Modern Luxury Style For Brides With Refined Flair To Boho Love

    Putting together a wedding celebration that honors both halves of the couple's interest can be a challenge at times. A large portion of the male population love to golf, love hanging out at the country club, love just about everything related to it. When it comes time to have their wedding, hosting their event at a country club seems like the natural next step. The problem is, some ladies are simply not into country club weddings as there is a bit of a cookie cutter stigma associated with them. What I love about today's styled shoot is that it inspires some out of the box creative ways to take a country club wedding & truly elevate it to that luxury modern wedding that you were dreaming of. The best part, the groom is happy to be in his element & the bride is in a glittery 7th heaven!

  2. Sweet Early Fall Country Casual Colorado Wedding With Picnic Blanket Ceremony

    Becci and Hugo have known each other since they were 12. Growing up together in England, they have been together for many years. This celebration was a commitment to each other and to their children. They are both casual but have real class & elegance. Hugo is the head chef and part owner at the Kitchen Restaurants in Boulder and Denver. Community is very important to them as well as family and friends which were on hand to witness & partake in the celebration of their family. Pastures of Plenty was chosen as their venue as it is a working local farm with which Hugo and Becci have a special relationship with, along with other farmers in the community, as they use their produce and meat in the restaurant. Pastures of Plenty specifically, is one of the produce vendors for the Kitchen Restaurants. Hugo and Becci have known Lyle and Sylvia, the owners, for a long time and were instrumental in ushering in the Farm to Table movement in Boulder, Colorado! Hugo and Becci have two boys together and made sure that there were lots of activities for the many children at the wedding including a bouncy slide, plastic swords, big bubbles! The kids were celebrated & included resulting in their having as much fun as the adults!

  3. Bohemian Styled Shimmering Wedding Day Fashion Shoot For Less Traditional Brides

    Not all bridal is seen as lovely white ball gowns, gorgeous layers of lace & veils for days for every bride. There are many a bride who yearn for something less traditional more offbeat if you will. Brides with smaller ceremonies, even court house weddings that want to look like a bride yet have a less then classic look. Lucy Munoz Photography teamed up with Nenci Serrano from the Flawless Team to create a woodland world showcasing gorgeous looks for brides on a less traditional path. Working the ethereal magic of the woods, the contrast in textures between soft fabrics, long branches & shimmering reflective lights in the form of a glittery boats, mirrored side table & a wonderful sequin beret work beautifully together. The result is a dreamy world where fabrics gently dance in the wind while strong forces {reflective items} keep us grounded still. There are some really lovely looks for brides in this shoot, but my favorite has to be soft pink chiffon knee length dress with the rose adornment & sparkle beret. I would love to see this on a bride sometime soon!!

  4. Rustic Vintage Glamour Styled Country Wedding Featuring Soft Pinks, Sweet Grays & Spots of Sparkle

    "The concept for this stylized wedding shoot was a laid back farm feel with a touch of vintage glamour I knew the location had to be at Heaven's Ranch in Chino Hills, CA because it provided the perfect backdrop of an unpretentious surrounding that exuded a warm rustic feel. I want to thank Janelle Copeland and Fabiola Gomez from The Cake Mamas for the amazing wedding cake they did (did I mention it took them 15 hours...but the way it turned out--I'm smitten!!). I love the way they incorporated those vintage ruffles and the silver accents. And the flowers! Oh the flowers-- they are by Andria Ibanez from Divine Blooms and Designs. I loved the use of the tin, turquoise, and lace. The flowers looked so farm rustic and gorgeous! Because we love rustic details in a wedding we decided to do something fun with place cards. No more reading to figure out where you're sitting. These guests will look for their photos that they previously uploaded and sent to the bride and groom. Pictures were then attached with a ribbon on an apple that could later be given to the farm to feed the horses (yes, that's edible ink). We also love that guests don't have to walk around aimlessly looking for...