1. Destination Chic St. Bart’s Wedding In The Breathtaking French West Indies

    St.Bart's, to me, has always been this somewhat mystically magical place. Growing up my sister and I only know of St.Bart's as this far off tropical destination my parents would go once on a year on a no kids allowed vacation. Later down the road in life I had the opportunity to take in the breathtaking beauty that is St.Bart's myself, and a beauty she is indeed, a gem of the French West Indies like no other. Swept up by the captivating charm that is the French influenced petite isle, Lindsey & Tyler knew it was the perfect blend of old world rustic meets paradise to make their St. Bart's wedding dream true. In effort to share the island so completely with family & friends, guests were invited to spend the week taking the sophisticated yet low-key destination to heart. Polish & understated refined details ran throughout the day from gorgeous fashion such as Lindsey's killer Vera Wang sash to her sister & maid of honor's turquoise striped dress. The rest of the day was painted in a wash of movie set like beauty from white steeple churches, vista views and travel photo sacred finishings. Details like driving to the wedding in a convertible Fiat, racing to catch shoreline sunset stolen moments and dancing on a private beach under the stars are some of the highlights that make this St.Bart's wedding pure bliss.

  2. Punta Cana Dominican Republic Tropical Destination Beach Wedding

    When you think destination wedding, we all dreamily default to gorgeous tropical destination beach weddings filled with white sand and gently blowing sea breezes. Feeling a similar need to go be some place extra lovely for their wedding, Cara Taylor & Jason Colthrust decided that a destination beach wedding down in Punta Cana was precisely what they needed. Armed with Canadian wedding photographer Michael Rousseau Photography, the couple traveled down to a world that was elegant perfection, allowing them to avoid more cliche beach themed wedding styles. Keeping a light color palette of white with pops of purple, the couple crafted a crisp, clean modern tropical destination beach wedding world that is just as dreamy as the thought of the tropics alone!

  3. Southern Elegance At This Sunset Inspired North Carolina Graylyn Estate Wedding

    When things get started off with sunset hues as inspiration, you know a treat is in store! Add in the beautiful photographic styling of North Carolina wedding photographer Carolyn Scott Photography and you have the makings for one crush worthy wedding! A palette of Yellow, Orange, Guava, Coral Reef, & Persimmon was worked into every detail from gingham print ties to playful pinwheels which lined the aisles & became a part of the centerpieces. Bridesmaids donned a mixed lot of frocks, each in a sweet coral hue while bride, Laurie C. Chapman, was a whispery vision in her flowing Saja gown. The regal venue that is Graylyn Estate was the final piece of the puzzle, providing the most picturesque of old world estate backgrounds. I am eating up the gentle glam and polished perfection that is Laurie & Dwight S. Blass' wedding and love even more, the whimsical touches and lighter air!

  4. Hollywood Beach Florida Wedding Infused With Irish Beach Spirit

    Fresh, bright & chalk full of wonderfully infused spring spirit, Kimberly Atwater & Jack Finnegan brought a bit of the Irish with them to their destination wedding in Hollywood Florida. The couple embraced their beach surroundings, adding elements of starfish & sandboxes into their day all while hosting their nuptials pool side at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort. Striking green, vibrant fuchsia, & bold yellow hallmarked the event with everything from dresses to lighting to the tulips surrounding them! Naturally no wedding would be complete without Packer, Kimberly & Jack's most adorable boxer, who made the trip, walking down the aisle & hamming it up for photos! We love the infusion of vibrant hues & Irish spirit, what a fun twist on a destination beach wedding!