1. Vintage Flair & Hipster Love Are The Hallmark Of This Offbeat Illinois Wedding

    When a wedding is a group effort, it truly is that much more special to the couple. Such is the case for Tanya Gutierrez Vazquez & Eli Vazquez, whose family members & friends all came together to make their wedding day as customized & true to who they are as a couple as could be. Having a natural vintage hipster vibe, our gorgeous couple embraced this very feel from everything from their choices in fashion, transportation, to the lovely Hoosier Grove Barn where our couple was married. Both sides of the families helped, making the dinner & desserts, while friends pitched in with the music. Tanya & Eli's local pastor officiated the wedding, while friends & family gifted Tanya with various brooches which she combined into her hand made brooch bouquet. Our sweet couple let who they are lead them & did not deviate, leading to a gorgeous wedding day celebrating exactly who they are as a couple!

  2. Fairy Tale Magic Inspires This Wood Nymph Materialized Wedding Of Organic Wonder & Beauty

    Ethereal beauty comes in many forms, however I would venture that something spirited after a wood nymph is tops on the list! When I received this submission I knew it would be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in a stunning wedding sense. The woods are a naturally enchanting place to start off with, add in the perfect organic decor elements & end up with a true place of wonder. The write up from Designs by Spring being so eloquent & detailed, I will allow their words to speak for themselves regarding the perfect touches that made this enchanted woods styled shoot the inspiration goodie that it is. I do want to point out one thing before passing the floor to them... I do love the idea of a bride changing up her look from ceremony to reception, not just in a quick change of dress, but restyling her hair & adding in some wonderful make up! Perhaps not in such a theatrical manner for every all, but hair & makeup are 2 under utilized areas where brides can change things up for her grand entrance into the reception!

  3. Midnight Garden Feel In This Laguna Beach Wedding Touched By Enchanting Hues

    Secret gardens create a world of wonder & whimsy that give the viewer a sense of privilege to be included. Such is the venue that Lauren Sullivan & Eric Schwarz choose for their wedding day. Tivoli Too! is a gorgeous venue with vegetation overflowing which truly creates a special romantic world for couples to marry! Lauren & Eric cleverly choose purple as their lead color, a color that has such themes of magic, royalty, & power associated with it. Their wedding day was drenched in shimmering textures, luscious gardens, & the perfect pairing of enchanting hues!

  4. Modern Day Medieval Wedding Featuring Peacocks, Jugglers, & Thrones

    Juggling. Only the skilled can truly do it. It is always mesmerizing, captivating audiences with the success or even potential failure of the juggle. Our bride, Brandi Slater, was equally drawn into the juggling world, attending Sonora Celtic Faire, where she first laid eyes on Kevin Axtell who had been bitten by the juggling bug since 1998. Their shared passion in the juggling world ignited their love for one another & when the time was right, naturally only a medieval themed wedding would do! Our couple had their renaissance feel wedding on a friend's private property, which featured a tavern, beer barrels, castle, thrones, peacocks, archer targets, jousting arena, torture cages, and fire show. Even the guests were asked to dress the part, completing the full experience of this Medieval wedding! This isnt your everyday wedding and that is exactly why we love it!