1. The Hobbit Inspired Wedding Featuring Bold Autumn Inspired Colors & Rustic Touches

    "I fell in love with Tolkien and my husband at the same time. We, along with thousands of Tolkien fans, are so excited for Peter Jackson’s movie {The Hobbit}. One of the first images that was dissected by fans around the world was the image of Bilbo Baggins reading the contract from the dwarves. This image was the foundation of the styled shoot, but instead of a concerned hobbit, a loving groom would be reading a love letter from his bride-to-be. I chose Cedar Lake Cellars for the venue because they have a barn loft area that has so much character, as close to a hobbit hole I could think of. The bar area was decorated with moss, flowers, and books. A signature cocktail, Ent Draught, was made with sweet tea, vodka infused with herbs, and garnished with blueberries. Of course, hobbits love their ale, and it was amply provided by the Cedar Lake staff! Earthy breads and a cheese and meat platter were artistically plated by Chef Lee Gustin. Our invitations for our couple were made by a wood press and cut in a circle to echo the hobbit hole doors. Our bride wore a green necklace to give homage to the emerald necklace that Bilbo gave to the Elven King. She wore beautiful Kate Spade shoes and a cuff bracelet from Michelle Phan’s Ever Eden jewelry line from Glamhouse. Fleur de Lis matched a perfect dress for our soft and natural theme. Our groom was in brown pants and an orange vest that mimicked the colors we see Bilbo wearing in the Hobbit."

  2. A Doctor Who Tea Party Engagement Session With Blood Reds & Striking Blues

    I'd be lying if I said I knew about Dr. Who. I certainly know of Dr. Who but not read a book, seen an episode, nada. So I went to the higher power, Wikipedia & learned something pretty cool: 'It is the longest-running science fiction television show in the world and is the "most successful" science fiction series of all time—based on its over-all broadcast ratings, DVD and book sales, and iTunes traffic.' Well damn! This most certainly means there is plenty to play with when it comes to sampling something like Dr. Who as a theme for an engagement session! Keeping as true as one could to the series, the blue British police box is part of the background flavor, while its truly the costuming that gives you that real feel. The strong blood red & striking blues really pay homage to the vibrant inner space & time travel series, but I can't take my eyes off the gas mask kid! Is it wrong that I find a kid rockin a gas mask adorable!? I love the whimsy, the creativity in idea & gumption with which they went after this! Be sure to check out the note from MegganJoy about her adventures in transforming Dr.Who into an engagement session at the end of the gallery!

  3. Little Red Riding Hood Is All Grown Up In This Children’s Fable Inspired Styled Wedding Shoot

    With an almost holiday feel, our Little Red Ridinghood involves an elegant wedding for Lil Red and her groom at a treehouse in the woods. It blends modern and natural elements that worked seamlessly with our contemporary design and color palette. The open floor plan looks out over lush trees, a babbling brook, and pond. Our amazing team perfected every aspect of Lil Red’s big day. We selected a fun and flirty Nicole Miller dress for her and donned her groom in charcoal gray tux. It wouldn't be Lil Red without a splash of red so we adorned her with a whimsical headpiece and red hot shoes. The perfect make up and a simple side chignon completed her transformation into a modern, 21st century bride! Papertini hand-wired a basket filled with tulips, leucadendrons and hypericum berries and also created a simple bouquet of tulips, fiddlehead ferns, hypericum berries with a twist of red wire for her to carry. For her ruggedly handsome groom, we created our signature wired base boutonniere design and a second fun boutonniere to match her tulip bouquet. Custom flowers were created especially for Lil Red! We plucked out the center of roses...

  4. Ruffles, Locks, & Gears- The Softer Side of A Steampunk Inspired Wedding

    Steampunk, by definition {I'll sum it up as the real definition is lengthy} is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction typically featuring steam powered machinery mostly associated with a post apocalyptic environment. For whatever reason, the fashion of this sub-genre has taken heavy inspiration from 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West". I for one, find anything even slightly Steampunk flavored total eye candy. The fashion, derived from a time I would have loved to have been a live in, the colors, the throw backs to old watches & the magic of their guts that makes them tick. Steampunk is a great source of inspiration for weddings, one that opens a door to a lot of fun that can be head both in wedding fashion as well as decor elements & everything in between. I do feel however, this is not a theme for every couple, it takes the right couple & the right effect to create your Steampunk inspired world to truly achieve that greatness that it can be! Today's feature is a Steampunk inspired styled shoot by a whole slew of amazing vendors, spear headed by BG Productions. When pulling together their own inspiration to guide the direction of their shoot, they stumbled upon a man with dreads which they fell in love with. As it turns out, BG Productions is a team in which one, Al, has dreads! For this shoot, Al stepped out from behind the camera to embody his Steampunk persona and I for one am grateful! The shoot is lovely and showcases a softer side of Steampunk, playing on strong colors & gorgeous watch bits. Might I also add, one freaking amazing cake!!