1. Sparkling Rose Gold Glamour Wedding Featuring A Dreamy Place Setting & Confetti Wedding Cake

    My personal Instagram feed is a hotbed of the things I love most filled with the vendors that literally crush it day after day. One such star vendor that I always love to see what they are involved in next is linen supplier Luxe Linen. Never one to be bashful, Luxe does a terrific job of carrying a dreamy variety of linens from simple and understated to those that define drama and glamour! Recently Luxe teamed up with wedding event designers Bella Vita Events and Greenwich Floral Design to craft a ballroom delight rose gold glamour wedding. The team worked with a duo of linens, one offering a more subtle texture while the other was quite the show stopper crafted of over-sized rose gold sequins. While any sequin linen is a spotlight grabber, the beauty to this rose gold glamour wedding was how perfectly it echoed the rose gold confetti wedding cake from Vanilla Bake Shop that sat upon it. A natural bestie to rose gold anything is the choice to work with silver metal details. For this ballroom wedding the team opted for chrome attention grabbing arched metal back chairs from Revelry Event Design...

  2. A Modern Geometric Wedding With Vintage Detailing & Rustic Touches

    Somewhere along the line someone decided that you couldn't be modern AND vintage, geometrically inclined while being soft & romantic, together at the same time. There has been this unspoken design rule floating around for ages that has blindly been followed with the essence to stay in your own lane when it comes to a theme. What I love so incredibly much about today's feature is how a California crew of incredibly talented wedding vendors decided to smash that notion to smithereens! With a geometric wedding back bone base, event coordinator, stylist & florists Kelly Elissa Events & Enchantment Floral utilized charming vintage minded details from Hunt and Gather Rentals to add another level of dimension to their geometric wedding crafting a unique rustic vintage geometric wedding style. When crisscrossing different genre's of style, there is one true rule that should always be followed, keep it clean, keep it simple & keep it light. In order to seamlessly blend contrasting design types complimentary elements is the name of the game. There is a lot to crush on here...

  3. Destination Chic St. Bart’s Wedding In The Breathtaking French West Indies

    St.Bart's, to me, has always been this somewhat mystically magical place. Growing up my sister and I only know of St.Bart's as this far off tropical destination my parents would go once on a year on a no kids allowed vacation. Later down the road in life I had the opportunity to take in the breathtaking beauty that is St.Bart's myself, and a beauty she is indeed, a gem of the French West Indies like no other. Swept up by the captivating charm that is the French influenced petite isle, Lindsey & Tyler knew it was the perfect blend of old world rustic meets paradise to make their St. Bart's wedding dream true. In effort to share the island so completely with family & friends, guests were invited to spend the week taking the sophisticated yet low-key destination to heart. Polish & understated refined details ran throughout the day from gorgeous fashion such as Lindsey's killer Vera Wang sash to her sister & maid of honor's turquoise striped dress. The rest of the day was painted in a wash of movie set like beauty from white steeple churches, vista views and travel photo sacred finishings. Details like driving to the wedding in a convertible Fiat, racing to catch shoreline sunset stolen moments and dancing on a private beach under the stars are some of the highlights that make this St.Bart's wedding pure bliss.

  4. Modern Romantic Glam Wedding At Diamond Bar Center Inspired By Chandeliers

    Let's face it, this is the week we all swoon just a wee bit harder at the sight of pinks, reds and anything dreamily metallic, am I right!? When this gem of a wondrously romantic glam wedding fell into my lap I knew this week was the most perfect of weeks for it! Jannie Ngo & Tom Tran wanted a wedding that was the perfect mix of modern, glam & rustic filled with bling inspired by swaying chandeliers. The result is a gorgeous day time ceremony under the treetop canopy accented by crystal clear chandeliers, magically suspended glass orbs and delicately hung rose blooms creating the most romantic of scenes. To keep the glittering chandelier inspired glam wedding going, reception tables were dressed in pale pink sequin table cloths with sparkling diamond like details at every turn! This glam wedding is a lovely day dream, filled with a mix of pinks red and fuchsia, one that puts just the right amount of sparkle into the day.