1. Why It Works Wednesday: Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop

    I am always on the hunt for unique and creative ceremony backdrops. Call me jaded, but I have seen my share of traditional ceremony arches and alters, my own wedding included! There is a creative fever to the wedding world nowadays, one that inspires all sorts of wonderfully lovely and at times funky elements to be used, creating magic. What I love about today's Why It Works focus is that it is a gorgeous blend of a classic put together in a modern presentation. Lace, good old beautiful lace, serves as the wedding decor weapon of choice here. Set as a key piece to modern bohemian wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes, lace panels serve as a unique ceremony backdrop. A mix of size, color, and lace design work in gorgeous harmony, crafting a romantically sweet backdrop. For the cherry on top, the lace backdrop is set in a lush forest locale, accented by pops of blooms in a mix of hues.

  2. Punta Cana Dominican Republic Tropical Destination Beach Wedding

    When you think destination wedding, we all dreamily default to gorgeous tropical destination beach weddings filled with white sand and gently blowing sea breezes. Feeling a similar need to go be some place extra lovely for their wedding, Cara Taylor & Jason Colthrust decided that a destination beach wedding down in Punta Cana was precisely what they needed. Armed with Canadian wedding photographer Michael Rousseau Photography, the couple traveled down to a world that was elegant perfection, allowing them to avoid more cliche beach themed wedding styles. Keeping a light color palette of white with pops of purple, the couple crafted a crisp, clean modern tropical destination beach wedding world that is just as dreamy as the thought of the tropics alone!

  3. Backyard Style Eclectic Modern Wedding At Sausalito’s Studio 333

    In effort to find a venue uniquely cool and fabulously different from most, Kelly Davis & Erik Thomas stumbled upon Sausalito California's Studio 333 which provided the perfect setup for their gorgeous eclectic modern wedding! Seeking more of a dinner party feel, the couple utilized the event space's courtyard for both the nuptials & reception while guests were treated to frosty beverages & libations within the gallery walls. To embrace the full eclectic modern wedding feel, Kelly donned a beautifully sleek form fitting Nicole Miller gown with lace cutouts hugging the waist, which she topped off with a bridal fascinator and sweetly flowing locks, bringing a touch of European flavor! Wedding photographer Robin Jolin Photography was on hand to savor every moment, from the I Do's to the private strolls seaside!

  4. Classic Chic Swedish Summer Archipelago Wedding At Dalarö Skans

    Light, airy & wonderfully dreamy, this gorgeous Swedish archipelago wedding from international wedding photographer 2 Brides Photography is simply divine in every way! Set in the seaside area of Dalarö Skans, Madeleine and Alfred celebrated their day surrounded by classically chic elements infused with a slight nautical flavor. After their first look, Madeleine and Alfred headed to the church together {Ps-check out the doors on the church, stunning!} where they walked down the aisle arm in arm. After the quaint church ceremony, guests boarded a boat taking them out to the old fort of Dalarö Skans. The reception was held in a uniquely cool greenhouse like room along the sea, dressed in white with suspended ribbon centerpieces of lace & linen as the focal point. Bashful pops of gold punctuated the billowy cloud like room giving just the right touch of intrigue where needed. Its hard to ignore the easy chicness that is Madeleine and Alfred's Swedish wedding, wonderfully stylish & beautifully done!