1. Chic Red Hook Brooklyn Liberty Warehouse Wedding Filled With Billowy Blooms & True Love

    This is one of those weddings... You know the kind, the kind that is simply too amazing and seems to grow in gorgeousness with each and every click to the next image. The kind that is a total nightmare to edit because honestly, there are no second bests in this stack! So what is a gal to do right?! I could say I am sorry for the wonderfully long editorial display from New York City based wedding photographer Brookelyn Photography that you're about to witness, but the hard truth is, I'm not! Starting with an incredibly gorgeous couple, a picture perfect Manhattan skyline location à la Brooklyn, toss in utterly gobsmackingly stunning arrangement in floral & event design and some super cool tasty treats all while being brilliantly captured on film {read with a growing fever pitch of excitement!} and well, I am throwing my editor's hands in the air, don't make me choose favorites because I cant.... I wont!!

  2. Growler Station & Bourbon Bar Lay The Ground Works For This Gentleman’s Southern Living Fete

    Make no mistake, today's feature is geared toward the masculine {and of course the ladies who appreciate a more gentlemanly pastime!} dripping in some of southern living's finer instruments of leisure! One of my favorite crews from South Carolina has returned, this time throwing an engagement party focusing more on the groom to be! Sampling from some truly terrific southern treats, racks of BBQ ribs slaw & the like were the meal of choice, while a craft beer growler station was set up to wash down the tasty meats. For those seeking a more refined sipping style, a Bourbon Bar was erected, featuring some of the south's finest ranging from light honey to deep amber in tones. What is celebrating with the boys if not puffing on a fine, freshly hand rolled cigar made on site to bring that extra special touch! Upstairs at Midtown played the perfect host for this wonderfully masculine affair, featuring rooms with exposed brick, barn wood flooring and elegant molding. Tables were set with gold rimmed fish plates, vintage silverware and adorned with touches like deer antlers, gentlemen's flasks and silver camping cups. Being a bit of a tomboy myself, I connect with this vibe on some many levels. Its earthy, woody, strong, dark where it needs to be, a wonderfully neutral based color palette, and perfectly zeros in on some of the finer things to please all inner foodies & frosty beverage lovers alike. This masculine leaning affair is the perfect example of why not all wedding things should simply be fluffy pink and pretty. As you can see, every now and again, strong earthy with a touch of androgyny makes for one heck of an amazing fete!

  3. Sleek Modern Wedding At Cam Raleigh With Chevron Dreams In Coral & Gray

    Clean, Sleek, Modern, these are all words that wonderfully describe modern art museums which house awe inspiring contemporary works of art. From time to time these elegantly modern spaces pull double duty, playing host to beautiful wedding soirees as well. One might think that with such sleek surroundings it would be difficult to pull off a day with personality & charm, but nothing could be further from the truth as exemplified by Tracy Russell & Colin Beck's personality plus wedding at CAM Raleigh! Seeking something modern & fresh but uniquely Raleigh, Tracy & Colin embraced clean lines, a fresh color palette & cleverly surrounded themselves with amazing art on their big day. Embracing the world around them, guests were invited to Instagram the wedding, #CTBWedding, as well the terrific gift of Tracy's sister, and maid of honor, joining them via Facetime while stationed overseas. Not missing a minute, her sister wished Tracy well moments before heading down the aisle herself, a la the beauty of modern technology in the form of an iPad! The couple said 'I do' in the museum's outdoor garden, shaded under the flying V roof, after which guests were treated to shows of art while surrounded by chevron as far as the eye could see in pops of coral & gray. Every element chosen was perfectly modern, complimenting the open air space of the gallery setting. Never a moment was wasted without a show of love, laughter, giddy & play. Wanting nothing more then to end things on a bright note, giant sparklers were set a blaze, sending Tracy & Colin into their new life under a sparkler lite canopy!

  4. Vibrant Traditional Indian Wedding With Personalized Touches At Philadelphia’s Vie Ballroom

    There is something so magical & captivating to me about Indian weddings. I think they appeal to the little kid in me with all of the wonder in bright colors & shiny pieces, like a brilliant peacock on display! Danielle Carr & Ravi Jarecha celebrated their instant love with one another by blending their two worlds into one. Their ceremony, focusing on traditional Indian rituals, is beautiful & equally as captivating as the bright colors! From the beautiful long floral leis, the binding of the couple by loose rope, even the burning of materials, each is wondrously intriguing and beautiful. Their bridal fashions, again traditional style, are stunning and both looking completely amazing & beautifully put together. Danielle is an utter vision & a stunningly beautiful bride, dont you think?! While traditions are certainly the first order of business, what I love the most is the breeze, ease, & joy which Danielle & Ravi clearly take in the others presence. This wedding is beautifully done, heartfelt & filled with joy!