1. Wistful Rustic Chic Inspiration Shoot With Touches of Lace, Feathers & Snow

    There is something so absolutely lovely & dreamy about this styled shot. The overall thought behind the creation of this stunning shoot was to put together a look & feel for brides on a tighter budget. The use of feathers & lace really do wonders in this gorgeous rustic set up, bringing an organic yet elevated feel to the overall aesthetic. Two models, with 2 very different looks are featured, giving our bride to be 2 different wedding day visions. One a more classic stoic elegant bride, the other a more vivacious fashion forward bride. Both bridal looks work harmoniously with the heighten rustic setting, from the lace gowns with complimentary lace trimmed veils to the show stopping feather ball gown. In addition to the elegant design both in decor as well as bridal fashion, there are some truly lovely photographic moments, my favorite being the black & white image with our ball gown bride seated in a tall back chair, wistfully looking out the window. Allow this dreamy fall come winter bridal inspiration shoot inspire you to create you own world of elevated rustic design for your winter wonderland wedding!

  2. Rustic Vintage Glamour Styled Country Wedding Featuring Soft Pinks, Sweet Grays & Spots of Sparkle

    "The concept for this stylized wedding shoot was a laid back farm feel with a touch of vintage glamour I knew the location had to be at Heaven's Ranch in Chino Hills, CA because it provided the perfect backdrop of an unpretentious surrounding that exuded a warm rustic feel. I want to thank Janelle Copeland and Fabiola Gomez from The Cake Mamas for the amazing wedding cake they did (did I mention it took them 15 hours...but the way it turned out--I'm smitten!!). I love the way they incorporated those vintage ruffles and the silver accents. And the flowers! Oh the flowers-- they are by Andria Ibanez from Divine Blooms and Designs. I loved the use of the tin, turquoise, and lace. The flowers looked so farm rustic and gorgeous! Because we love rustic details in a wedding we decided to do something fun with place cards. No more reading to figure out where you're sitting. These guests will look for their photos that they previously uploaded and sent to the bride and groom. Pictures were then attached with a ribbon on an apple that could later be given to the farm to feed the horses (yes, that's edible ink). We also love that guests don't have to walk around aimlessly looking for...

  3. Rushland Love In This 1920’s Probhibition Era Style Rural Summer Shoot

    Its hard not to slip into another world, much the way books often direct our minds, while perusing today's AH-mazing styled summer shoot! When this gem came my way, I knew I simply had to share! As it turns out, Jessica Petrash & Clint Flack are indeed a real life couple, wanting to do a styled shoot so they teamed up with the talented Tyler Boye Photography. Taking a page out of 1920's Prohibition Era, our couple was expertly styled from their choice attire {lace gloves, pearl necklaces, argyle socks, summer dresses & vests & so much more!}, spot on hair & makeup, with simple touches such as the various hats, pocket watch, vintage camera & cruisers. Of course location & photographic styling were key elements to bring this summer shoot to life, making the rural 1920's simply divine. I apologize in advance, I had an absolutely 'miserable' time editing down this submission, so hum... this one is a bit pic heavy, but I think once you see, you'll forgive!

  4. The Little Princess Inspired Ethereal Dream Bridal Styled Shoot

    Everyday, in all forms of fashion magazines, we are confronted with editorial spreads. Typically these spreads serve as a window into the vision & minds of their creators, showcasing a detailed story that they are tying to tell. Bridal versions of editorial spreads tend to have a heightened allure to them, playing on our every romantic fantasy & notion we have about weddings. Allison Kortokrax of Korto Photography utilized that very thing, inspired by bringing herself back to her time as little girl sitting in her room, dreaming of her wedding day. Drawing further inspiration from such classic literary works as Through The Looking Glass and The Little Princess, the idea for the shoot was born. Allison turned to the stunning gowns of Alice Padrul Bridal Couture to dress her creation, while Anjelica Santillan & Jamie Sterle were at the helm styling the bride's stunning make-up & pin worthy hair. For those that recall the first movie version of The Little Princess (1939) starring Shirley Temple, you might recall, both due to the styling at the time, as well as the film quality, a certain creamy ethereal dreaminess to the cinematography. Allison, along with Alice Padrul....