1. Travel Back to Pre-WWII In This Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot

    Today's feature came to me under the pretense of a Styled Shoot. While it is indeed a styled shoot ( in that it is well thought out, put together & executed) the couple in this session is indeed a real couple. They are high school sweethearts who are the "definition of timeless love" as noted by photographer Jennifer Lucia of Close to Home Photography. Wanting to play off Sarah's favorite movie "The Notebook" (Ps- one of mine too!) they choose Salado, a quaint vintage town north of Austin, to play out their pre-WWII session.

  2. Styled Bridal Portrait & Floral Inspiration Shoot: Modern Luxury With Vintage Touches

    • Styled Bridal Portrait & Floral Inspiration Shoot: Modern Luxury With Vintage Touches
    • Styled Bridal Portrait & Floral Inspiration Shoot: Modern Luxury With Vintage Touches

    I'm an inspiration girl. Styled shoots are a fabulous way to pick up bits & pieces along the way that suit you and your vision, helping you craft your perfect day in every detail. Today's feature is a styled bridal portrait shoot with a few lovely brides & a spot of gorgeous floral inspiration. There are some pretty amazing boutonnieres in here as well, which leads me to mention, ladies, dont forget about your men! Their flower should be another thumb print of your wedding, from the choice of flower, to the choice of green or accompanying little details, to the material that it is wrapped in. I'll totally admit, hubby's boutonniere got little to no real thought to it and now I am bummed on myself. He really should have one of these amazing ones below. Oops! So learn from me ladies, give your men something beautiful to wear!

  3. Dream Worthy Victorian Garden Styled Inspiration Shoot

    There is a lot to love about today's styled inspiration shoot. From an aesthetic stand point, the styling is right in my personal wheel house. I love everything about dragging furniture outdoors as there is just something that seems so against the grain awesome about it. I utterly adore the use of old storm windows gently hung from swaying tree branches, drinking jars adorned with simple lace bows, earthy lush rows of moss and so incredibly much more. However what is probably my favorite part of this whole shoot is whom the models are! Alexia Wardell Photography fall into a super cute, creative idea that is pure genius!

  4. Mix Matched Plates, Vintage Lace, Open Frames & Door Knobs Make This Victorian Inspired Styled Shoot

    "Lover of all things vintage and chic, I let our vintage plates take center stage in this photo shoot. With mismatched vintage plates coming from our very own collection I began building a table that couples could fall in love with. The details really make this table work, and while they’re simple I think they really make a powerful statement. Hints of lace, satin, a mish-mash of patterns, fabrics, frames and the hardware gave the table an unexpected elegance and help to pull together a look that any bride could duplicate."