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Bridal Glam In 5 Elegant & Sophisticated Looks Captured On The House Of Blues Stage

There is a conflict of assumption when viewing a bride in a highly refined, elegant, at times dramatic look…. the Diva.  Yes there are indeed Diva brides, however do understand, Diva is a state of being, an attitude, not dictated by what one wears.  Therefore, can we be glam brides, without giving off the diva […]

Little Red Riding Hood Is All Grown Up In This Children’s Fable Inspired Styled Wedding Shoot

A note from the ‘writers’ of this Little Red fabled wedding… With an almost holiday feel, our Little Red Ridinghood involves an elegant wedding for Lil Red and her groom at a treehouse in the woods. It blends modern and natural elements that worked seamlessly with our contemporary design and color palette. The open floor […]

Ruffles, Locks, & Gears- The Softer Side of A Steampunk Inspired Wedding

Steampunk, by definition {I’ll sum it up as the real definition is lengthy} is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction typically featuring steam powered machinery mostly associated with a post apocalyptic environment.  For whatever reason, the fashion of this sub-genre has taken heavy inspiration from 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West”.  I for one, find anything even slightly Steampunk […]