1. Bohemian Chic Backyard Garden Wedding With Vintage Detailing

    To say I am sweet on today's beautifully styled garden wedding shoot, from a collection of Ohio wedding vendor All-Stars, would be a pretty grand understatement. At the heart of it all, this shoot from wedding planner and stylist McPherson Events & Design & wedding photographer Suzuran Photography is a laid back garden wedding in the suburbs of Ohio. What makes it so truly special is just how chic every detail is. Set in the intimate backyard garden of Denise McPherson, carefully tend to by her husband Jerry, the 'room' like design of the wandering garden gives a stunning playground for the crew to work with. From the effortless boho wedding style to the use of vintage pieces throughout that glow anew with life, their polished take on a backyard garden wedding will easily inspire couple's with a bounty of organic & enduring ideas. While I desperately want to laundry list out each and every little detail that I am swooning over {grown with love potted guests gifts, food styling that is as much food as it is gorgeous decor, baroque style chalkboard signs, a hanging hankie wall, love brewing coffee table...! but I digress...

  2. Glam Take On Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding In The Gardens of Bartow Pell Mansion

    Gorgeous, girly and filled with greens, this inspiration session in the gardens of Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is aces! Taking a cue for Midsummer Nights Dream, Branham Perceptions Photography & House of Flores worked to create a daytime world filled with romantic glam & classic elegance. Working with a palette of coral & ivory along with flexes of gold, the table in the gardens gives a rather found ethereal sense. Organic & lush, the table decor is hallmarked by a moss bed runner which is filled with viney twigs, pops of bright flowers in pinks & bright greens, perfectly positioned in nob glass mini vases & pewter cups. Gold twig flatware complete the garden touch, while elements like elegant gold rimmed plates with round menu & matching pink draped napkins greet the guest. The overall effect is that of a romantic wonderland among a lush earthy secret spot which certainly says secret garden to me!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: The Beauty Of The Naked Cake

    For today's Why It Works, we are stripping down to our bare selves, our naked self, in the form of an utterly gorgeous {& delicious!} wedding trend, The Naked Wedding Cake! Perhaps you don't know exactly what I am talking about but rested assured, you've already seen at least one or two. Naked cakes are those that go sans frosting around the sides of the cake {frosting in between layers is certainly fair game!}, leaving the appeal of the cake to be in its natural, uncovered beauty of the spongy goodness of the cake itself. The beauty in this design, the color of the cake itself can set a tone and influence the look and feel that your going for, another fun way to bring something to life! Vanilla cakes & those with a lightly colored cake batter, volia, a blonde naked cake! Conversely a chocolate cake, or any other dark battered cake will get you a wonderfully moody sultry treat! My favorite part to naked cake designs is that the fun does not stop at just the beauty of the cake alone, the other side to the naked cake's beauty is in it's fillings & toppings, in the form of frosting, berries, caramel, honey, natural blooms and so much more! There is a limitless amount of creative elements that can be put together, while the real value is that these frosting shedding cakes can easily transcend a number of different wedding themes & styles!

  4. Southern Sophistication & Class In This Modern Elegant Charleston South Carolina Wedding

    I love a good southern wedding and Charleston, South Carolina seems to continue to hit that mark! Sydney Ferrara & Steven Cesnek, seeking a sweet southern fete with southern sophistication and elegance, opted to tie the knot at the wondrous Gibbes Museum of Art with over 10,000 works of fine art, many connected to Charleston’s history! A sensual color palette of soft ivories, gentle greens, & varying pink hues lead the way while being fashioned into the modern opulent stylings. Sydney wore a gorgeous architectural inspired gown from Jorge Manuel which was polished off with perfectly tumbling locks and a floor length veil. Bridesmaids wore dresses in varying hues of pink, all in sweeping floor length gowns while the men were smartly dressed in sharp steel gray tuxedos. The reception was punctuated in soft creamy tones, dark wood and ornately lined china truly marking that southern wedding feel! At the end of the night guests were treated to some tasty thanks to Sallie's Greatest in unique flavors like Blackberry + Sage & Fig Sweet Onion + Rosemary! From the dripping Spanish Moss & cream tones to the sophisticated style and grace, Sydney & Steven's wedding was a true South Carolina celebration!