1. Why It Works Wednesday: Winter Wedding Colors Made By Fire

    Just this passed weekend I had the honor of putting together some centerpieces for the birthday party of a very close family friend. I ended up being really thankful for the opportunity to put these arrangements together for our friend, as her personal color preferences differ from mine and as a result, I stumbled upon perhaps my newest favorite Fall/Winter color palette yet! While earthy tones of red, orange & yellow are nothing terribly new for the season, it was the variations of each that I was able to work with and whats more, the gorgeous stems which happened to beautifully blend them all together!

  2. Southwestern Vibrancy & Spirit In This Frontier Take On A Lone Ranger Wedding

    If my aunt were still around she would have been alllll over today's beyond amazing styled session, that with the Lone Ranger as the design inspiration! Wonderfully southwestern in feel, heavy in turquoise in all the right places, this gorgeous western town inspiration shoot hits all the right notes when taking something so strong as the Lone Ranger as a theme. If you don’t yet know Lauren Pack Cox of Swanky Elephant Planning and Design, get to know her as she whips the frontier world into quite an amazing & vibrant display in both tablescape as well as styling of our southerwestern influenced couple! Lauren's big love of fashion comes out in spades playing with everything from a playful feather mohawk, bull horn clad steer ring along with some pretty choice turquoise pieces to a wonderfully cool vintage solider uniform for our groom! On top of the inspired fashion, the gals at Posh Salon created some unique looks for our bride, working with loose textured locks & braids as well as one seriously powerful makeup look of striped turquoise & minimized pout to accompany the feather mohawk! To bring together the fashion...

  3. Growler Station & Bourbon Bar Lay The Ground Works For This Gentleman’s Southern Living Fete

    Make no mistake, today's feature is geared toward the masculine {and of course the ladies who appreciate a more gentlemanly pastime!} dripping in some of southern living's finer instruments of leisure! One of my favorite crews from South Carolina has returned, this time throwing an engagement party focusing more on the groom to be! Sampling from some truly terrific southern treats, racks of BBQ ribs slaw & the like were the meal of choice, while a craft beer growler station was set up to wash down the tasty meats. For those seeking a more refined sipping style, a Bourbon Bar was erected, featuring some of the south's finest ranging from light honey to deep amber in tones. What is celebrating with the boys if not puffing on a fine, freshly hand rolled cigar made on site to bring that extra special touch! Upstairs at Midtown played the perfect host for this wonderfully masculine affair, featuring rooms with exposed brick, barn wood flooring and elegant molding. Tables were set with gold rimmed fish plates, vintage silverware and adorned with touches like deer antlers, gentlemen's flasks and silver camping cups. Being a bit of a tomboy myself, I connect with this vibe on some many levels. Its earthy, woody, strong, dark where it needs to be, a wonderfully neutral based color palette, and perfectly zeros in on some of the finer things to please all inner foodies & frosty beverage lovers alike. This masculine leaning affair is the perfect example of why not all wedding things should simply be fluffy pink and pretty. As you can see, every now and again, strong earthy with a touch of androgyny makes for one heck of an amazing fete!

  4. Gorgeous Organic Botanical Greenhouse Garden Wedding At The Condor’s Nest Ranch

    I don't know if it is age and maturity or what, but over the last few years I have really grown to fall deeply in love with all things truly earthy, organic and well... eco-chic as I like to call it! Today's inspiration shoot is from the mind meld of Chris Wojdak Photography along with the killer stylings of Events by Elisa & Pow Wow Vintage Rentals which certainly scratches the most beautiful eco-friendly itch! Situated in the wonderfully rustic greenhouse at The Condor's Nest Ranch, our sweet couple hearken back to a more bygone era sampling a Victorian feel with modern styling. The resulting look is crisp and clean and I adore the simplicity to our bride's twisted low swept bun! Not to down play our bride & groom, but the styling of the greenhouse fete is too divine not to dive right into! Green, green, everywhere we see is green and you know what, its so wonderfully well done, in varying hues of nature's favorite shade, that it never seems like too much green! Just about every element possible got a fresh look, from a vintage pedestal sink dripping with leafy greens to a test tube rows held in vintage wood which were filled with budding mint sprigs! Even oddity looking things like the bright yellowy-green brainlike organic element is housed under a glass dome giving a true unique & special feel. What I love the most about the overall effect is that there is a wonderful feel of polish and sophistication all the while feeling just as comfortable and relaxing! The overall look here is stunning, from the clear plates to the pop of gold in the chairs, it truly is a dream green house affair! I don't know about you guys, but I am LOVING this eco-chic movement!