1. Why It Works Wednesday: Winter Wedding Colors Made By Fire

    Just this passed weekend I had the honor of putting together some centerpieces for the birthday party of a very close family friend. I ended up being really thankful for the opportunity to put these arrangements together for our friend, as her personal color preferences differ from mine and as a result, I stumbled upon perhaps my newest favorite Fall/Winter color palette yet! While earthy tones of red, orange & yellow are nothing terribly new for the season, it was the variations of each that I was able to work with and whats more, the gorgeous stems which happened to beautifully blend them all together!

  2. Modern Vintage Bridal Session At The Caldwell Zoo With Romantic Safari Influences

    Vintage glam at the zoo, YES! What could possible be more romantic then softly tumbling locks, full frilly vintage wedding dresses from the 1950's & 1960's and a safari like setting?! Gema of Photography by Gema put together this wonderful little styled bridal portrait session showing how easily one can make something vintage, fresh & modern. While most brides gravitate toward brand new wedding dresses, there is something extra special about snagging a gown out of a vintage collection and putting your spin on it, whether its proper ivory or a dress with a subtle pink hue! Mixing in bold oranges with touches of red & brown round out this wonderfully exotic feel, also giving us a peek at a lovely winter/fall inspired palette. Winter colors often get written off as having a harsher edge to them, Gema's session proves that there is a dreamy gentle & romantic side as well, plus it also doesnt hurt to have snuggling giraffes in the background either!

  3. Southwestern Vibrancy & Spirit In This Frontier Take On A Lone Ranger Wedding

    If my aunt were still around she would have been alllll over today's beyond amazing styled session, that with the Lone Ranger as the design inspiration! Wonderfully southwestern in feel, heavy in turquoise in all the right places, this gorgeous western town inspiration shoot hits all the right notes when taking something so strong as the Lone Ranger as a theme. If you don’t yet know Lauren Pack Cox of Swanky Elephant Planning and Design, get to know her as she whips the frontier world into quite an amazing & vibrant display in both tablescape as well as styling of our southerwestern influenced couple! Lauren's big love of fashion comes out in spades playing with everything from a playful feather mohawk, bull horn clad steer ring along with some pretty choice turquoise pieces to a wonderfully cool vintage solider uniform for our groom! On top of the inspired fashion, the gals at Posh Salon created some unique looks for our bride, working with loose textured locks & braids as well as one seriously powerful makeup look of striped turquoise & minimized pout to accompany the feather mohawk! To bring together the fashion...

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: The Better Question Is Why Aren’t You Wearing A Floral Crown

    I have a pretty major female hard on these days for floral crowns. Floral crowns have a real regal feel to them without hitting you over the head with a royal crown. Naturally due to their floral nature,they have an easy breezy wonderful free spirited more hippie like feel to them right out of the gate as well. No matter how you slice it adding a floral crown is a gorgeous choice, lending itself to more fashion forward bridal looks. Today's Why It Works isnt so much a WHY it works but a gorgeous collections of floral crowns that all work for wonderfully unique reasons. Floral crowns come in an infinite number of sizes, shapes and designs all thanks to the endless combination of flowers & hues available allowing creativity to be limited only by one's imagination!