1. Sourcing Your Wedding Style & Wedding Inspiration From A Single Image

    Once upon another lifetime ago I touched on sourcing a wedding color palette from a non-wedding related image as inspiration. Its such a simple yet powerful way of going about the process that I wanted to breath new life into this idea along with how we can look for even more wedding related elements beyond just colors from a single image. An inspiration image can help you figure out far more than just your color palette, it can help direct you as far as the look and feel behind the styling of your wedding as well. From textural elements to a strong sense of theme, there is a lot to be learned from the images that draw us in.

  2. Duo of Chic Bridal Looks At Historic Berkeley Plantation Wedding

    The beautiful thing about putting together a styled shoot is that the world is literally your oyster. Dream it up and execute, that is all that is required to make a bit of magic. Such is the case of the skillful crew of Virginia wedding vendors that came together to craft not one but two dreamy wedding looks, showcasing gorgeous inspiration for a unique plantation wedding. Set at the Historic Berkeley Plantation along the James River, the lush background of perfectly trimmed hedges & pebble lined red brick mansion served as the perfect jump off point for the team. A sweets table was erected with a chic botanical mother earth feel, from the texture whipped wedding cake topped with succulents to the garden rose accented garland of green. To inject two different perspectives into a plantation wedding, a duo of looks were crafted for the bride from a modern gone slightly boho feel to one of more fashion forward fashionista spirited bride...

  3. St. Patrick’s Day Spring Wedding Inspiration In Hues of Green & Leather

    When I was considering what exactly it was that I wanted to feature today, putting together just about anything drenched in pure green seemed so very expected. After a few moments of mauling spring weddings over, it occurred to me what pairs ever so beautifully with the deep earthy hues of green, leather. Both green & leather has a true organic life force feel, when the two are paired together there is a real salt of the earth power that is hard to ignore. Working mostly with jewel tones of green, those found naturally occurring, nothing to bold or extreme, there is a certain passive feel that emotes, a calm & cozy place. Each element has a feel of refinement & sophistication, all while being grounded and wholesome. This spring wedding inspiration board serves as the perfect bridge for couples looking for style & grace all while assembling a day that is filled with personality & charm.

  4. Stripped Down Botanical Chic Bride With Eucalyptus Inspiration

    In an effort to kick off the 2015 wedding season on a clean gorgeous slate, Utah wedding photographer We Are Roz teamed up with local vendors Swoon Vintage Rental Co., Jocelyn's Floral, and Julie Thomas Style to showcase the beauty of a stripped down yet completely chic bride with a perfectly clean and natural look. In an effort to simplify things, the crew drew inspiration from the organic charm that Eucalyptus. A simple set was erected with a few choice items and collection of earthy greens, showing that it isnt always quantity that has the most impact. The result is a uniquely sweet stripped down bridal session that allows a bride to be au natural all while being just as well styled and gorgeously chic.