1. 14 Scrumptious Desserts To Revamp This Summer’s Wedding Dessert Bars

    I have a sweet tooth. Ok... I have a gnarly sweet tooth, like last food for life kind of sweet tooth. I'd be lying if any time I went to any event, weddings included naturally, I wasn't straining my neck just a bit to get a preview to what scrumptious treats were bound to head my way. When we got married, having a dessert bar to compliment our wedding cake wasn't even a question, it was more like game on! Whether your hunting for unique new treats for your very own dessert bar or looking to reinvent the wedding treat all together, I have assembled some truly drool worthy sweets to serve as inspiration. As creativity gets stronger, inventive combinations brought together and the quality of product so much stronger, the possibilities are limitless and for that, I am ever so thankful!