1. The Simple Secret To Creating Your Wedding Guest List

    You might think its a bit of a trivial thing, or most likely a common sense thing, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get yourself all twisted around when it comes to working on your guest list. With all the different variables that go into planning a wedding, the importance of a well structured and organized guest list can easily be over looked and under valued! Believe it or not, mistakes while putting together your guest list can result in money wasted and feelings unintentionally hurt. How so? Let me shed some light & simplify a part of the process!

  2. The Role of The Wedding Guest

    When I walked up to them {guests of our wedding}, I noted how happy they looked and that they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. They both enthusiastically confirmed that we threw one hell of a wedding (thank you very much!) and that they were indeed enjoying themselves. Now at this point of the post, you’re asking yourself how is this any different from what is likely (hopefully!) a normal encounter with most guests? It’s what came after that has really & truly stuck with me. After letting me know how fun of a night they were having, my friend turns to me and said: "And anyway, isn’t that the job of a wedding guest?" Now he had posed it as a rhetorical question, but I literally paused, thought for a second, and finally asked him how he meant. He explained how a couple goes through the often stressful journey of putting all the effort into planning a wedding and at the end of the day, all they want is to see their friends & family truly enjoying themselves as a result of all the hard work that they did to make it happen. It’s a reward that might be not as obvious, but its there all the same.