1. {Sponsored Love} The New Way To Shop For Men’s Wedding Rings

    I hate to admit this, but I think if we're all honest with ourselves, after all the pressure is over from finding the right engagement ring, we tend to forget about the other ring! Lord knows I basically did, again if I'm being honest. Eventually we realized our shortcoming and headed into a store to figure out exactly what kind of men's rings my husband wanted! What ensued was an exercise in forcing a non-shopper, to shop! Interestingly enough, selection was a bit of a problem.

  2. 4 Dreamy Romantic Glam Bridal Style Looks For Summer

    One of my favorite pieces to weddings is the gobsmackingly beautiful bridal fashion. From modern to classic to gorgeously glam bridal style, there are so many brilliant ways to go! Philippine wedding photographer Jessie Villegas of Capturing Smiles Photography recently teamed up with a few other amazing local vendors to craft 4 wonderfully romantic glam bridal looks that show, with just the right touches, how utterly stunning and perfectly glam one can become! Whether is loosely curled flowing locks or hair that is sleeked back with a bold lip and smoldering eye by the beauty team of Len-Len Anaya and Kevin Abdala, each look has its own personality! While beauty is every bit the show stopper, let's be honest, its the gowns that command the glam bridal style! Each dress, whether lace applique or flowing tulle, came from FIONA CLARA by Alma Mae Roa, offering up a delicious buffet for the eyes to work with! While we play no favorites, there is certainly no shortage of glam bridal style to inspire today!

  3. Geode Jewelry Infused Wedding Inspiration

    If you're anything like my little sister, you have a serious soft spot for anything geology related, especially when it comes to gorgeous geodes & shimmering druzy pieces. We love these unique earth harvested treats, coveting them for a variety of reasons. From a hue standpoint, geodes give us a range of enchanting soft tones in a muted way, even the ones that are rich & deep in color. While their diverse color characteristics often serves as wedding inspiration all their own, its their wildly pure rugged & raw lines that can truly shape an entire wedding from our hair to our table setings. Geodes have long been used to create stunning pieces of geode jewelry, an easy & gracefully way to directly incorporate these earthly delights. Statement wrap druzy rings, drop geode earrings and the like make perfect bridesmaid's gifts just as much as they make for the most amazing of finishing touches on any bride. Below is a collection...

  4. {Sponsored Love} 3 Crave Worthy Pave Diamond Engagement Rings That Will Stun

    If there is one thing that never gets old, its ring bling! If there is one thing that stresses guys out, right under the decision to spend the rest of their life with someone, it is buying the ring! What style do they like, what cut of diamond might they want, do they even want a diamond??!! As girls, we constantly drool over gorgeous fashion items, pinning them to our hearts content. Our secret wish list of the things we dream about, tops on these lists are usually stunning rings! The beauty to the internet world is in its accessibility, just look and you'll like find it. When Fascinating Diamonds reached out to me to share 3 of their beautiful new styles, I jumped at the chance to bring more styles into the light and give you more rings to covet! Let's get into the gorgeous 3 shall we!