1. Coastal Inspired Palm Wedding Invitation Suite By Wedding Paper Divas

    Whether you're having a coastal wedding or chic Palm Springs Desert oasis fete, Wedding Paper Divas palm adorned frames wedding invitation suite is everything you crave. Featuring the perfect color combination of a delicious earthy green meets vibrant copper, these organic wedding invites are just divine. Crisp straight lined font gives each piece within the invitation suite a fresh modern edge that is the perfect compliment to its leaf loving nature! The beauty to Wedding Paper Divas however is not just in the final product but the process by which how you discover the perfect combination of details that fits exactly you. Wedding Paper Divas will send you one of their gorgeous free sample kits that guide you on a wedding invitation journey from paper type, color swatches, to print style. Explaining every step of the process, Wedding Paper Divas allows you to customize in the way that best embodies your personal style. It's like wedding planning with your best friend right by your side!

  2. {Sponsored Love} Invitations By Dawn Inspired New Vintage Wedding Invitation Collection Plus 25% Off

    As we ease off the high of the new year including all the fun festivities that came along with the end of 2013, my 2014 brides, it’s time to get back down to business! Whether your wedding is only a few short months away, or perhaps it is a bit further off into the year, it is most certainly time to start looking at wedding invitations! I know that invitations always tend to feel like a monster of a hill to climb, but there are certain companies who make it their goal to help you find the perfect style that fits your theme as easy as possible. Invitations by Dawn, an industry staple, has helped couple’s invite their guests for over 30 years, that’s some pretty serious help right there!

  3. A Better Way To Do Return Addresses On Wedding Invitations & Sycamore Street Press Giveaway

    I've got a bone to pick you guys. Truth be told, its more of an 'oh come on you can do something more interesting then that' bone! Naturally I see my fair share of wedding invitations & accompanying that, how they are presented as a whole package. I think that a lot of couples don't really see a high level of importance when it comes to the invitation phase of their planning and as such tend to take a more 'just get them in the mail' mentality. While thats all well and good, it goes completely against something I truly believe in which is that your invitations set the tone for what your wedding will be like, as well as relate directly to how the day will look. This might be a task that is easier said then done when you feel you arent even fully what that day will look like, but there are elements that can help no matter what direction you end up taking.

  4. The Simple Secret To Creating Your Wedding Guest List

    You might think its a bit of a trivial thing, or most likely a common sense thing, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get yourself all twisted around when it comes to working on your guest list. With all the different variables that go into planning a wedding, the importance of a well structured and organized guest list can easily be over looked and under valued! Believe it or not, mistakes while putting together your guest list can result in money wasted and feelings unintentionally hurt. How so? Let me shed some light & simplify a part of the process!