1. Wonderfully Sophisticated Lush Tropical Destination Wedding At Intercontinental Hotel Fiji

    Every now and again a submission comes along that really allows us to tell the story from.... well... wheels up to final sunset! Such is the case with this utterly stunning tropical affair in Fiji from Hilary Cam Photography. Hilary's keen eye takes you on a journey far deeper then simply showing up at game time. I loved his take on traveling to the islands and I feel the images really do capture the enthusiasm that one has when travelling to such a far off land. Olivia Orham & Rob Canturi chose the wonderful lush surroundings of the Intercontinental Hotel Fiji for their day, putting on a terrifically stylish fete while completely submersing into the Fiji culture. Entertainers were a plenty at the wedding, creating a visual wonderland in the form of strolling acoustic guitars, flame throwers, and a proper Polynesian welcome. Olivia & Rob kept their personal style modern and classic in the form of sleek well fitted body hugging attire and some pretty amazing shoes, on both their parts {ok I am dyyyying just a bit more over Olivia's Miu Mius!! In LOVE}! The end result is a gorgeous technicolor feast that really shows off the lovely side to destination weddings!

  2. A Truly Whimsical Wedding With Genuine Vintage Touches & Quirky Expression In This Bristol England Wedding

    This just might be one of the cooler weddings that I have seen in sometime, seriously! There is an essence to the entire affair that I am completely mad about, Be Who You Are. Laura Tarr & Andrew Brown of Bristol, UK have style in spades {as do their guests!} and made sure that their wedding day was a pure reflection of what they really loved. Having a deep admiration for all things truly vintage & 1940's, Laura along with the help from family and friends, endlessly searched for genuine items from the 40's be it the clothing {all dresses are real vintage finds!} to the flatware and table setup. Quirky touches such as crocheted cupcakes were presented to guests while more whimsical elements like knotted vintage scarves framed the ceremony space. All in all I love the pure express of this couple imprinted onto their wedding day all beautifully captured by Charlene Morton Photography! I totally am feeling the expression here, Brits do it better! I adore how amazingly the bridal party got into the spirit along with guests who also dressed the part! There is so very much to love but perhaps the most amazing part of all...... Llamas! Yes thats right, there are llamas!

  3. Chic Seaside Scottish Wedding Along Australia’s Coogee Coast In Sydney With A Dash Of Cheeky Fun

    Our lovely international couple, Rachael & Luke, married this past October at Wylie's Baths, an open air ocean pool on the Coogee coast in Sydney. Even though their respective homes were separated by more then a few bodies of water, Scottish Rachael & Australian Luke forged a bond that no land mass could keep apart. Luke and his groomsmen wore traditional tartan kilts and Scottish attire of Rachael's family while the ladies were dressed in smooth soft blue dresses reflecting their ocean surroundings. While this adorable couple was being photographed by Gold Hat Photography in a small park, a young boy ran up and sat down in front of the bride and groom to watch! When his mother called to him, he replied, "I want to watch the princess!" How very true & so incredibly sweet much like Rachael & Luke!

  4. Elegant Intra-Faith Persian & Christian Wedding With Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Celebration

    I have recently been getting more weddings that go beyond my religion knowledge base and as such am personally enjoying the ride of learning the ceremony rituals of others. Today's gorgeous wedding, another by the amazing Ashley Davis Photography, is in an intra-faith wedding mash up of Persian & Christian. By design of the Persian influences, the ceremony has so many lovely elements to me that I had a difficult time editing down the ceremony specific shots. The bride and groom, Delaram Saidi & John McGeehan, sat in front of a spread decorated with items symbolizing the creation of life. The couple were placed under a veil while female members of both families rubbed sugar canes to bring sweetness into the union! As if the ceremony weren't gorgeous enough, guests then journeyed over to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art where a lovely rustic industrial room was transformed with billowy draping & sparkling chandeliers! Such a beautiful ceremony & stunning reception!