1. Why It Works Wednesday: Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop

    I am always on the hunt for unique and creative ceremony backdrops. Call me jaded, but I have seen my share of traditional ceremony arches and alters, my own wedding included! There is a creative fever to the wedding world nowadays, one that inspires all sorts of wonderfully lovely and at times funky elements to be used, creating magic. What I love about today's Why It Works focus is that it is a gorgeous blend of a classic put together in a modern presentation. Lace, good old beautiful lace, serves as the wedding decor weapon of choice here. Set as a key piece to modern bohemian wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes, lace panels serve as a unique ceremony backdrop. A mix of size, color, and lace design work in gorgeous harmony, crafting a romantically sweet backdrop. For the cherry on top, the lace backdrop is set in a lush forest locale, accented by pops of blooms in a mix of hues.

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: Suspended Centerpieces & Hanging Decor

    One of the newer wedding trends, though I am pretty sure they've been around its just that they are becoming popular again, which I could not possibly crush any hard on, is suspended centerpieces and hanging wedding decor. Seriously I am mad about it and I love to see each new creative take, use of blooms, elements to mix in, hang from, you name it. We definitely come from a world where centerpieces typically have their feet firmly planted on the ground, I for one am thankful for this injection of newness. Why it is exactly that we are so captivated by these suspended centerpieces actually isn't that hard to figure out. In my opinion it's two fold. With anything suspended there is an immediate sense of whimsy. By hanging anything from blooms to frames to wheels, we remove all the elements that tie us to the ground and allow a certain kind of magic to take over, think Pan's Labyrinth minus the weird shit.... Or maybe keep some of the weird stuff.... You get my point.

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

    I have to say the 'F' word guys, so please forgive me.... its almost fall.... Eek I know but like all things its getting close to the time where we move into a more earthy harvest type feel. Pretty much everyone is in love with succulents anymore, using them in everything from bouquets to centerpieces to escort cards, they have emerged as the earth friendly calling card of the wedding world. While their place is firmly cemented, there are arrangements that are gaining in popularity as well, even featuring a succulent or two, that are truly magical... terrariums. Otherwise known as self contained little worlds, terrariums are uniquely cool thanks to their invisible barrier wall that allows a peek into a natural setting. Mixes of moss, stones, sand, succulents, air plants and so forth are placed together creating something beyond lovely. They work so damn well thanks to their view into something that we are otherwise not exposed to, the layers of earthy & green that make up our natural world. Naturally terrariums evoke a warm earthy organic feel but they also have an element of whimsy working for them.

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Indigo Crushing On Early Fall Organic Weddings

    Transitioning from a late summer early fall time wedding can be a bit tricky, so how does one exactly navigate those waters effectively?  Lush pinks, billowy purples, heavy floral blooms & all things summer aren't exactly your vision, but then again neither is the dictionary definition of fall either.  While orange is fine and dandy, your not looking to embody all things storybook New England.  So the question becomes, where do you go from here for those early fall organic weddings? The answer lays across the color wheel from autumn's favorite mascot orange, in the form of blue, more specifically, Indigo.  Indigo is a rich deep lush hue from the blue family that is bold & wonderfully earthy.  Sounds a bit ridiculous I know, but what I mean to convey is that indigo is this terrific shade of blue that is deep in tone all the while retaining its blue qualities not venturing into the blue-black world.  Indigo also has a real homespun earth loving essence to it, the beauty to that fact is that the leap from color to theme is a short one.