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Why It Works Wednesday: Wedding Day Style That Is Modern, Fresh & Boho Chic

Bridal style is always a hot topic as it is the fashion world’s best friend dressed in white!  Ok maybe not always white, especially these days, but you get my point!  Seriously though, the most brilliant way now a days to deliver anything but a cookie cutter wedding is by starting with expressing yourself through […]

Great Gatsby Wedding Cake via Style Unveiled Jamilah Photography

Why It Works Wednesday: Flapper Inspired Art Deco Wedding Cake A La Gatsby

I am feeling a bit Marie Antoinette this morning, so cake we shall have!  I am not even going to be bashful about it, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth so when it comes time for cake tastings, desserts, or the not so occasional cupcake craving…..well… just steer clear of me, that’s all I am going to say!  But in […]

Why It Works Wednesday: Bohemian Inspired Suspended Frames In A Ceremony Backdrop

From the looks of things on Pinterest of late, there is a serious sugar craving going on for ceremony backdrops that defy traditional setups in place of the more unique, creative & awe inspiring.  Personally I adore the idea of not just unique ceremony locations but an intriguing collection of elements to craft your very own […]