Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIY

Ages ago I ran across a shoot in Bride Magazine’s December 2010 issue that I fell instantly in love with.  I am such a sucker for flights of pretty lovely girly fancy & this enchanted styled shoot perfectly fits that bill!  Below are some of my more favorite images from the spread.

Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIY

Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIY Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIY
Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIY

As you can see they went for exaggerated shapes, sizes & scale to give a very surreal almost Alice Through The Looking Glass type effect.  Its must have been very fun to have been on this set!!  Btw, the first image, with the piglet, seriously almost made a pig appear at my own wedding for bridal portraits!  My husband of all people being the cause! When I showed him the photo he went completely nuts over how cute the piglet was & sent me photos of baby pigs for about 2 weeks after.  I then attempted to find a piglet that we could borrow for photos to no avail, but I digress.  Such an adorable lil guy right!?

Anywho….. When I came across a DIY on Design Sponge to create GIANT paper ruche flowers I got super excited and now you can begin to understand why this one caught my eye!  The overall project doesnt look terribly difficult, just time consuming I think.  Making one might not be such a big deal, but I’d imagine one would want to make a few to really get the full effect going!  These could look completely amazing at an outdoor, twilight candle light affair lining a walk  way to say cocktail hour?  What a precious way to expose your guest to an enchanted wedding theme.  Regardless if they are used simply as decor elements at the wedding, they would make for a stellar & surreal background for some pretty amazing wedding photos & even engagement photos!!!

Design Sponge Giant Paper Ruche Flowers DIYDesign Sponge GIANT Paper Ruche Flowers DIY Tutorial

BTW, if anyone actually does this for their event, please please email me pics!! I am dying to feature a wedding or engagement photo session that makes these puppies!



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