DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier-Simple & Sweet

I love all kinds of DIY projects, but for some reason, I find ones that contain paint swatches so clever!  I like them so much in fact that I am going to devote an entire category just to them!  Something this clever needs its own space, I mean, come on, paint swatches!  Agh, love it!

DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier-Simple & Sweet

Hey Gorgeous has put together the perfect DIY on how to make these adorably sweet homemade chandeliers!  My mind is already running wild with all the different ways I could use these!  Crafty new born baby mobiles anyone?!  Raining rainbows over a sweet dessert bar setup!  Toss a low voltage bulb in there and its the perfect soft light to add to any twilight outdoor party!  Ah, so many ideas so little time…  hit up Hey Gorgeous and give it a shot!  Remember, send us photos of your go at this fab DIY.  We love to see the amazing ways you have made this work for you!

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  1. sherrie

    how is it lit?
    love it, but i need to know that part as well.