DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy Day

Guys, I am sooooo all over this one!!  Love love love.  The cuteness factor is through the roof & just about everyone is a big fan of…. SMORES!  Thats right, I am throwing your way a DIY for Smore’s Kits from Oh Happy Day!

DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy Day

DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy DayNow hear me out….  I know this might not initially strike you as directly wedding related, BUT how amazing  could these actually be for just that, a wedding!  I see these completely friggin adorable Smore’s Kits being used one of two ways, either as a totally adorable take home for guests, OR prepped and ready for a Smore’s Bar at the reception, similar to the one featured on Wedding Bells.

*Side note on this, I am not a fan of using Sterno in this manner, something seems really odd about having something I am going to eat, so close to a chemical flame like  that.  Caterers, please fill free to chime in here about your experience with something like that!

Anywhoodle, maybe fire of another form can be used, all the same, I love the packaging idea here.  In truth, that is a big part of what makes successful decor, presentation & packaging, which this idea hits some mega high notes in those categories!  The idea is simple enough, easy to put together & totally doable.  Perhaps the only area of slight difficulty or take cruncher would be the fashioning of the  sticks themselves for roasting.  I suggest doing a few at a time each day while catching up on DVR!  Sigh, I need to find something to use these for, they are too cute to just look at on the computer screen!

*Update 9/12/2012

As you might have heard, a ‘little known’ couple get married this past weekend.  Oh you know… Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds… you might have heard of them before.  Well as it turns out, one special lil  feature that their guest were treated to… you guessed it, S’Mores!  The Lively Reynolds wedding guests were treated to absolutely delish S’mores as the official dessert!  We love their spunk & admire their passion for whimsy!  If S’mores didn’t already sound like a good idea, taking a page out of Blake & Ryan’s wedding book aint too bad either!  Enjoy! 

DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy Day

DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy Day DIY Smore’s Kits by Oh Happy Day

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  1. Sara {Burnett's Boards}

    Loving this idea! Such a perfect wedding favor.