Floralspiration-Creams With A Hint of Well Placed Deep Purples

I love flowers.  I love looking at them, planting them, having them in my house, you name it.  I could easily look through floral photography for hours.  I’ll totally out myself, I’ve been known to sit at my Grandmother-In-Laws house and leaf through her bulb catalogs, I’m not kidding either.

I hope to more frequently & consistently bring you guys amazing arrangements & bouquets complete with floral identification as nothing bothers me more then not pointing out what things are.  I am working toward a few great florist partnerships, so hopefully I will get this rolling soon.  If your a florist reading this & are interested, please email me.

So lets get to the goods right?  Today I want to feature a lovely bouquet that showcases soft creams while incorporating deep purples.

Floralspiration-Creams With A Hint of Well Placed Deep Purples

The wonderful flowers that make up this bouquet are  garden roses, ranunculus, parrot tulips, cobra lilies, fiddlehead ferns and callas.  The flowers are then wrapped up in layers of silk, raffia, twill and burlap ribbons allowing for long wind swept pieces to flow from the bouquet itself.  This bouquet was created by Soiree Floral via Well Wed.

While the overall look of the arrangement itself has a feel of wonder & enchantment, what I really appreciate here is how well the element of color is handled.  Brides often trap themselves into think, Ok I’m having an X color wedding, EVERYTHING needs to drip that color.  Sometimes that works, often, its too much.  I appreciate the ability here to give voice to the wedding color palette without being incredibly in your face.  The mix of the deep purples callas & fern heads, which give depth & height, are then blended with the cobra lilies to create perfection.  The soft creams are used to defuse the deep strong colors & give life and movement to the overall look and feel.

Remember my brides to be, even if your having a one color wedding, there are ways to incorporate that color without going over the top unintentionally.  Once you’ve selected a florist who’s work you like & appreciate, trust in their commentary & expertise!

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