I’m Just A Big Tease…What Can I Say?!

This morning I was greeted by an email from the lovely Sarah DiCicco with yet another peek of our gorgeous wedding pics!  Granted I have seen a preview slideshow thus far, there is a still a mass of eye candy that yet awaits us!  Sadly, for a reason or 2 that I am tight lipped on, I cant share our pics with you guys yet!  Trust me, I want to!  All in due time…

I’m Just A Big Tease…What Can I Say?!

*Photograph by Sarah DiCicco

I wish I could call this a sneak peek, but to me a sneak peek means more are coming very soon.  Alas, more pics are not coming soon, so I am more of just a giant tease at this point!  I do want to take this time to shamelessly promote my girl Sarah!  I could seriously write a post just on how amazing she is, & not just photographically speaking, which would rightfully so read basically like a love letter, but I will rein myself in!  I suggest you take a few moments and head over to her site and leaf through some of the gorgeous imagery that she has created.  As well, do breeze through her blog which is not just solely filled with wedding imagery!

I will say as a blanket statement regarding your wedding budget & what portion of it will go toward photography, that it is one of THE most important items on your wedding checklist.  I can not tell you what the appropriate amount is for you, only you can decide that.  However, after the wedding is over & your day has passed, its the images that will remain with you forever and serve as real life vivid memories of that special day.  Nothing can replace an amazing photograph which will capture the beauty & emotion brought forth in your wedding.

Its not to say that you must spend a small fortune to achieve this either!  There are so many amazing photographers out there at a variety of price ranges, you simply need to take the time to find that special one that is right for you.  Make sure that you share the same point of view, that as you look through their work you realize your not simply looking at a photograph, but a captured moment of time.  Consider how your photographer works with light, frames images, & puts their general fingerprint on each & every photograph.  Is it something that moves & captivates you?  If so, then your likely on the right path to possibly finding your photography match!

As it happened, Sarah’s photography was one of our bigger expenses & quite frankly one of the better investments Truly & I have ever made.  I could not be more pleased with spending the money that we did & feel really strongly about that well after the wedding.  Photography quotes can knock the wind out of you at times, but realize in the end these are your real life memories, turned into art, committed to paper for a lifetime.

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