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If you haven’t quite noticed by now, I have a healthy obsession with  Boudoir Photography & will always bring great shoots along to Storyboard as they come  my way.  There are many many reasons to love boudoir, a lot of which I have touched on in one way or another over time.  However, I really felt that Storyboard needed a masters touch when it came to the elegant bits that can really make boudoir… the lingerie!  I’ve recently teamed up with one such up & coming lingerie aficionado, whom will be filling our heads, the first Tuesday of each month, with visions of all things lacey, sexy & divine, as well as popping in from time to time  on our boudoir features to add in her 2 cents on some of these stellar shoots!

{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}So enough with the foreplay already…. who is she right?!  May I present the {soon to be a SBW favorite!} Lingerie Lesbian!  We personally love her site, her voice & her view on all things lingerie and we are very confident that you will too!  Let’s get to know a bit about our gal before we dive into her first feature, shall we?  Having a healthy obsession with lingerie is something we applaud at SBW!  Tell us a bit how you became knicker obsessed, especially enough to blog about it!

LL: I should probably start by introducing myself– my name is Caro and my blog is The Lingerie Lesbian, where I write about lingerie, sexuality and anything else that seems related. In my non-blog life, I’m a 23-year-old girl living in NYC who works in PR and hoping to somehow make my love of lingerie into a profession. The funny thing about my obsession with lingerie is that it didn’t have a precise turning point– I just kind of fell into it and slowly my enthusiasm grew. I originally started my Tumblr, which is really more of a lingerie inspiration board, and then launched my Wordpress blog this summer. One reason I love lingerie so much is that I think that there are so many ways in which lingerie expresses important aspects of your gender, sexuality and personality. I also love how it’s such a private thing, either just for yourself or for you and your partner. Oh, and lingerie is just so fun! It’s so imaginative, pretty, sexy and sometimes just silly.

What was the first time you realized undergarments could be much more then just something that offered support, something that everyone wears in their day to day?

LL: I can’t determine exactly what that moment was, but I wrote on my blog about how (weirdly enough) it was the tv show “Gossip Girl” that first showed me the glamour and sophistication of lingerie and lounge wear,  a change from the sleazy reputation that I associated with some of Victoria’s Secret’s more absurd get-ups.

To date, what has been your most favorite piece of lingerie?

LL: I don’t really have an absolute favorite piece of lingerie– it really changes from week to week.  However, I think that Agent Provocateur Marriett bra and knickers are probably the ones I love the most right now.

Bras or Panties?

LL: This is a really difficult question– I used to just love bras and think panties were only “to match” but I have gotten more and more into panties as I’ve gotten increasingly obsessed with lingerie. I think right now it’s really a tie– the moment I choose a matching set for the panties instead of the bra will be a turning point.

Boudoir goes hand in hand with lingerie, which goes beautifully with weddings.  What are your general thoughts on boudoir?

LL: I really, really love boudoir shoots. I’ve not yet been lucky enough to be involved with one, but I think they are an amazing way for a bride (or anyone!) to celebrate herself and makes an excellent gift to a partner/future spouse. I’ve heard so many stories about women who have had such positive experiences and had such a boost to their self-confidence, that I would definitely say that I would love to do it myself one day. Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate some beautiful lingerie.

When you are on the hunt for the next best piece of lingerie, what are you dont miss boutique & designers?

LL: I’m quite picky so it’s hard to say what the next piece to catch my eye will be– at the same time I love so many lingerie designers it’s hard to pick just a few! When it comes to shopping, I usually follow designers I love rather than browsing shops (my budget only really allows buying on sale), but if I’m just looking, I tend to go to asos.com for UK designers and a great range of prices, bellabellaboutique.com for designers I wouldn’t get anywhere else and hepburnandleigh.com for my favorite vintage-inspired styles. Net-a-porter.com is also a great source if you really don’t mind spending all your money on lingerie. Right now I would say my favorite designers are Elle Macpherson IntimatesMimi HollidayDottie’s DelightsFraulein KinkNichole de Carle,BordelleHuitHopeless Lingerie and Fraulein Annie.

Is there a certain color that you tend to gravitate to most?  An angelic white or naughty blacks for example?

LL: I really love all sorts of colors. Right now pink, navy and black are the colors I am drawn to most when it comes to lingerie, but I would never say no to a red, turquoise or purple.

3 words that best describe how you feel when you have that perfect ensemble on?

Beautiful, Confident, & Playful

Now that we know a thing or 2 about our master of all things undergarment & sexy, let’s get into the meat of her first post which I must say, we are already big fans of and as a result have a short list of lingerie to be purchasing in the very near future ourselves!


Bridal Lingerie for Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

I?ve always loved the tradition of bridal lingerie because a wedding is a unique time when society dictates that you should be pampering and focusing on yourself as well as celebrating your bond with your partner. This is also one of the first times people are encouraged to look at and buy lingerie (for their wedding or their wedding night) so if you?re not familiar with the many lingerie options out there it can be a bit intimidating. Plus, if Victoria?s Secret is your closest example of what lingerie is out there, it can be a bit limiting?especially if you think that their style is not appropriate for your style, taste or age.

That?s why I thought that in my first post for you I wanted to expand your lingerie horizons, bringing you some bridal lingerie suggestions, sorted by the ages. Of course, if you?re 45 and think what I?ve suggested for brides in their twenties is gorgeous, go for it?they?re only ideas & there are no hard & fast rules! Now let?s look at pretty lingerie:


{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

[Clockwise from top left: Sonata Opaline Lace Bodysuit $200, Mimi Holliday Silk Satin & Lace Super Plunge Bra £54, Huit Lace Underwire Bandeau Bralette$55, Marika Vera Saga Silk Camisole and Shorts Set $382]

For a bride in her twenties, I suggested pieces that are unabashedly delicate and feminine. I felt like each of these lingerie pieces give off a youthful air that suggests that even if you?re getting married you haven?t quite grown up entirely yet. The Sonata bodysuit may be the most adventurous and least practical choice but it is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn?t wear this under a wedding dress because it covers so much, but this bodysuit basically just makes you the most beautiful package to be unwrapped on your wedding night (it?s a perfect ?something blue?!). If that?s not really your thing, the Mimi Holliday bra  is both simple and perfect. I have a Mimi Holliday set myself (I?ve reviewed it here) and I was blown away by the superior fit of this lacy, silky confection. The other great thing about Mimi Holliday sets is that they have a lot of options for matching sets (including matching garter belts!). The Huit bra is also oh so very gorgeous?what I love about it is that the delicate lace looks so innocent, yet the sheerness definitely adds a cheeky element. Lastly, this simple set from Marika Vera seems like the ideal lingerie for the minimalist bride.?if you scorn the frills and complications of a lot of lingerie out there, then this is the perfect set for your wedding and years to come.


{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

[Clockwise from top left: Nichole de Carle Westminster Multiway Bra £140, Gilda & Pearl Dahlia Ruffle Bra £82 and Knicker £62, Myla Nichole Basque, $250, Bordelle Confetti Lace Angela Dress £562]

I may only be in my twenties, but what I?ve always admired about women in their thirties is that you seem to know yourselves much better than us younger women. Keeping that in mind, I chose these pieces because they are confident, luxurious and a little bit daring for a woman who knows and loves her own personal style. The first set from Nichole de Carle is both very fashionable and incredibly practical for wearing under a wedding dress. I love its strong, self-assured lines that are also very sexy {SBW Note: Ah, we more then agree!! This is on my to buy list!!}. The Gilda & Pearl set is beautiful while the frill under the bust seems universally flattering. This is definitely a relaxed yet flirty wedding night outfit.  The Myla basque is classically beautiful & always a great choice.  I have this basque in black/beige and I absolutely love it. The quality is amazing and there is no better way to feel absolutely beautiful. The finishing piece for this set requires a more adventurous wearer, but this one amazing ?dress? from Bordelle!  If you can?t wear it as a bride, when can you?! If you want even more bondage, check out their ?Bondage Bride? collection.


{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

[Clockwise from top left: Kiss Me Deadly- Vargas Longline Girdle £45, Gossard Ooh La La Longline Strapless Bra $59.81, Fraulein Annie Falling in Love Panty £48, Kiki de Montparnasse Le Soleil bodysuit, $450]

The feedback I?ve gotten from women in their forties is that they want something that is beautiful?but also supportive and flattering. I love the lingerie in this group because it?s gorgeous, classic and suitable for a woman who wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. Sometimes lingerie can feel like it?s meant for younger women only, and I think these pieces definitely show that there are amazing choices that work even if you are no longer 22.

I love this girdle from Kiss Me Deadly because it is a practical piece of shapewear to wear with a wedding gown and it simply divine. I have heard so many rave reviews of this piece and just how amazing it looks. The Gossard longline bra is another easy and beautiful wedding piece?they have a large range of sizes and styles to make sure you get the one that suits you best. I really love the soft ivory color, also.  The Fraulein Annie set with the high-waisted panties one that I?ve been crushing on for some time now. I love the soft colors and the fact that the matching bras go up to a size 38G.  Lastly, there is the Kiki de Montparnasse bodysuit. The lace is so lovely & one special touch I really like…it looks like it?s covered with little sunflowers.


{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

[Clockwise from top left: Naked Princess A Thousand Kisses Deep Chantilly Robe $325, Angela Friedman Genevieve half slip $138, Donna Karan chiffon and lace chemise $240, Elle Macpherson Intimates Artistry Underwire Bra $31.66]

If you?re getting married in your fifties, you already know you deserve beautiful things and there is no use skimping. Maybe some of the strappy pieces I recommended for younger brides wouldn?t work so well, but I think these pieces of lingerie are perfect to make you feel and look your best on your wedding day or night. The amazing piece from Naked Princess is the perfect layer of loveliness to wear on your wedding night, either over a nightgown or with nothing underneath. I love the luxurious slip and cami set from Angela Friedman?the artistry is superb and it just projects elegance. I chose this Donna Karan gown because I think long gowns have so much majesty and are so forgiving for any body shape. If you?re looking for a bra, this Elle Macpherson piece is classic and beautiful for any age (and it also comes in a large range of sizes).

I hope these suggestions help with some of your bridal lingerie questions, no matter what your age or style. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Was this useful? What kind of stuff you would want to see me cover?  I really hope you enjoyed my first post & I really look forward to being your go to voice for all things lingerie!

If you want to contact me, email me at lingerielesbian@gmail.com, or tweet me at @lingerielesbian

{SBW GB:Lingerie Lesbian} LL Hello & Bridal Lingerie For Every Age {20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s}

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  1. Treacle

    What fantastic suggestions! I love The Lingerie Lesbian, and I especially liked how you included recommendations for women of every age. Great article.

    • The Lingerie Lesbian

      Thanks so much, Treacle! I think that women of any age can use pretty lingerie that highlights how lovely they are (especially as brides). I’m going to be doing a few more posts too, so watch out for those :).

  2. Helen

    Agree, a fab article and you covered so much in the first one. Great to see such expertise. I really do think thie key to choosing amazing bridal lingerie is to have a professional fitting. Something I wish I’d known 10 years ago! Look forward to your next posts.