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Classic Chic Swedish Summer Archipelago Wedding At Dalarö Skans

Light, airy & wonderfully dreamy, this gorgeous Swedish archipelago wedding from international wedding photographer 2 Brides Photography is simply divine in every way!  Set in the seaside area of Dalarö Skans, Madeleine and Alfred celebrated their day surrounded by classically chic elements infused with a slight nautical flavor.  After their first look, Madeleine and Alfred headed to the church together {Ps-check […]

Why It Works Wednesday: Geometric Inspired Whimsical Wedding

Confession time, math was…. rather IS not really my thing.  Simply put, I do not have a head for numbers.  When Geometry came round, I thought my battleship was sunk FOR.SURE.  Thanks to a rather eccentric teacher who had a big time thing for crazy amounts of bonus, I skated with a B {trust me […]